5 Important Lessons That I Learned Last Month

We are already halfway through November but today, I'd just like to share some things that I realized last month. I was supposed to do a blogtober but my work got the best of me and I missed it. As a writer and as part of a creative team, last month was way too much of a creative juice. I felt almost mentally drained that writing on my own space would feel a little dragging. It's weird and ironic because right now, as I write this, I feel like I wanna share so much of my life lately. Have you ever felt that way?

Here's What You Can Do to Make Your Quarantine Life More Productive

I would never have imagined that 2020 would look like this. What could possibly be the "better or worse" that this year would bring? The fear of health and safety, canceled plans, and future uncertainties have already piled up for most of us. For me, the "better" looked like eating meals together as a family and being able to focus and know myself a little better.

Going Natural: Here's Cream Silk's New Rich Organic Powerfusion Ultra Conditioner (Review)

Cream Silk has always been a part of every Filipino home. Whether you have dry, frizzy, or damaged hair, Cream Silk has you covered. Growing up, I always just switch between the blue and pink ones which are for hair fall and damage control. I can say that this brand is truly the #1 when it comes to hair conditioning. 

Welcome To My New Blog!

Like the old one, but better.

Happy ber months, everyone! True enough, the months crawled away way faster than we all thought. I hope and pray that your family is safe and sound as you are reading this.

The past few months were all about work work work, but I was able to take some time to nurture my mental health and to think about things I really love doing. One of those is writing. I had this blog for over 7 years now and I only thought of getting my own domain last month. I started with www.jasminesagungagarin.blogspot.com and I couldn't thank my friends enough for taking some time to read my entries. Now that I moved to a new online address, I hope you'll love this precious baby of mine as much as I do.