Happy Halloween!

Oh well, Look at that! Aside from the fact/miracle that i'm blogging again, I just noticed that it's the last day of October!!! woooohoooooo! I'm still on vacation though and just a few days ago we had our Halloween Party/ Ward Home Evening at church. I'm sharing photos again! :)

I went with a super hero duo! my face was painted with masks of Spiderman and Batman. what should I call it?? BATDERMAN! lol

aaah! look at my brother! 

They're scarier in person! hahaha 

Introducing my cousin who painted all of our faces!!! (Kuya Jun)  Yes, he's artsy like that! Too bad he wasn't able to paint his own face since there wasn't enough time! He just used glue, tissue papers and acrylic paints. oh yeah btw, He got the Best in Costume Award HAHAHAHA He was so funny that night.

Here are some of our churchmates! It wasn't the best Halloween Party that I've ever attended to but it's also one for the books! I can still remember the time when everybody's putting so much effort with costumes but i guess that's not the most important thing that night. It's still fun though. I always look forward to Halloween, Christmas, New Year and all other Ward home Evenings at church. 

Anyway, vacation is about to end and i'm not yet enrolled! We'll be back at the University on Monday. oh no! hahaha Here's to waking up so early again!

How's your Halloween Party btw?

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