Opening a Mission Call - A Personal Decision

Waiting for mission calls is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking moments in the lives of prospective missionaries. Yup, I’m going on a mission. I am going to serve a mission. I finally decided to process my papers for missionary application last June and it’s been the best decision so far. Sisters aren’t really required nor obliged to go but it is always wonderful when they decide to. As for me, I felt the Spirit. I knew I have to go. So, I will. Mission will never go wrong with anyone.
Going on a mission is a very personal decision, for me. I can still remember how I told my parents about it and how they responded. :) The rest is history. Someday, I’ll be telling that story – the story which is very special and dear to me. I can only tell you of how Heavenly Father loves me/us and how blessed we are to have our own parents. I’m truly grateful for that.
Our stake president gave me my mission call yesterday. I think it took a month until I finally received it. The moment I saw my call packet, I knew the feeling is better than being a kid again who is excited for a piece of candy. It reminded me of the moment I was baptized. It was pure happiness.

To anyone here who had the same experience, you’ll know how thrilling it could be to finally open it. How you’re going to open your mission packet depends on you. It’s your decision to make. It's something you'll remember forever because it happens only once in a missionary's life. 

Did you decide to read it first on your own?

Kneeling down to pray and open the call in the serenity of my room was the initial plan. I wanted to make it more personal and spiritual experience.

Did you read it from the pulpit? 

As for me, I did not want to read mine in front of everyone. It would put a lot of pressure on me and I really want to make it more personal. :)

Did you decide to invite some friends and relatives to celebrate your call together?

                This is what happened yesterday. The happiness that I felt was something that I wanted to share with my relatives and some close family friends. We were so happy, excited and nervous yesterday. It was really something to celebrate. I knew everyone would be happy wherever I’ll go because that is where I am needed and that is where God wants me to go.

                My brother (who is currently in Cebu) and my cousins wanted me to go live on facebook so they could witness it. Sadly, it happened so fast! Hahaha We had no time to video call with them. My aunts and uncles have been waiting for 3 hours already. Here’s a video clip of what happened last night:

Thanks to my younger brother who captured the moment.

It doesn’t matter how you open your mission call as long as it is your personal decision. I chose to invite some close friends to celebrate my call with and had a simple dinner after. It was a very memorable night. It was something I’ll cherish forever. 

will report to the
Provo Missionary Training Center
on December 19, 2017

If you're an RM or a prospective missionary who opened a mission call already, I would love to know how your mission call opening went. :) leave a comment below!