Provo MTC Week 3

Sawatdee kha!!!

It's been a great week! (um, I think I say that all the time haha)

I feel like this week went by so fast... but I have 6 more weeks here in the MTC. Our Phii Thais left yesterday and it was so sad! They're going to Thailand now so it'll be just me and Sister Mader in our room. We don’t even have neighbors anymore and almost everyone on our floor left so it was really quite weird ☺ It's Tuesday here today, our PDAY. We can’t go to the temple this morning since I have a dental appointment outside MTC. I’m not so sure what it will be about though...

Our Phii Thais left yesterday! We'll surely miss them! But hoping to see them in Thailand ❤️ 🇹🇭

Our Phii Thais left us so many treats hahahaha

Don’t know where to start this week's story hahahaha so much has happened! Remember our first investigator, PHII SURAT??? They told us that he'll be moving to another place so we'll not be seeing him anymore... but guess what??? He showed up in our class!!! Not as our student but as our TEACHER!!!!! I was SHOOKETH. I can’t believe it! hahaha so he was secretly judging us all this time! hahaha just kidding. But I’m really so happy he's back! hahaha he's not Phii Surat but Brother SUGI! He's amazing. He shares a lot to us and we learned so many things from him. just sad that he's not gonna work in the MTC anymore. We have 3 teachers now: Sister Smith, Sister Hogge and Brother Omer. They are amazing!!!

So we have 2 new investigators: Phii BO and Phii Arm (just our teachers acting though, but it feels real hahaha) so we teach them 3 times a week. It's fun.

I'm learning so much Thai now. I can't believe it! I have set my goal to learn at least 70 words per week and memorize 1 verse in Thai per week. Well, I need to work on it! Hehehehe

Companionship is good. We both love each other. Although we had a lil misunderstanding the other day, we were able to resolve it hehehehe ☺ we sing a lot. And every night before we sleep, we say 3 good things that happened within the day. Something to remember from the MTC.

Food is okay! hahaha I lost 4 kilos during my first two weeks which bothered me a lot hahahaha so I tried eating more so I don’t get underweight. Now I’m almost back to my normal weight. Mama I eat vegetable salad every meal hahahahaha I’m happy there's soy sauce or toyo hehehehe. Every Wednesday and Sunday night, there's ice cream, Friday night's pizza and Monday night's Fast food night... I want to stay healthy as much as possible!!! I don’t want to miss gym time because it's the only time I can run and play Volleyball! hahahaha fun fact: at home I always say magjogging na talaga ako bukas but I seldom did hahahahaha!!!!! Surprisingly, I haven’t been sick here although it's so cold!!! 

Language is coming... I can feel it! I learn Thai words everyday day and now I try modifying my sentences according to the right Thai grammar. Their grammar is really confusing because it's quite reversed. Yesterday, we had our TRC sessions again with members of the church who volunteered. We taught them about the Love of Christ and Prophets. We thought it's timely because of President Thomas S. Monson. Sinabi sakin ni kuya yung balita tapos naging balita na rin sa buong MTC nalaman na namin nangyari. He lived a great life and I will remember so many great memories and messages from him. This week we'll watch the live broadcast from Pres. Monson. He'll surely be missed. But I'm happy for him as He's with his wife now. I’m so grateful for the service that He's done for us and for our Father in heaven.

Yesterday, Kenneth Cope was our guest for Tuesday devotional. He's awesomeeeee! (EFY guy) and lest time, Lexie Walker and Brother Brad Wilcox was here too. I love devotionals! 

I don’t know what else to say! Our district is awesome, btw! We’re a family now! hahaha everyone is just so funny!!!

I don't know when I'll visit the SLC temple but I couldn’t wait! Hehehe

This week, I had different impressions. Someone asked if I'm from Thailand and 2 missionaries told me I don't look like a Filipino... so um. idk! Hahaha (idk means I don't know, btw means by the way) baka di maintindihan ni Mama and Papa hehehehe

Thanks everyone for all the love!!!


More photos from my 3rd week...

Class time: we're done teaching for the day so um, drawing time! LOL

Waiting for temple walk with the zone! 💕

Cute lil boy!!!

My desk in our room. There are more pictures di lang nakita ✌️🇹🇭

Sidtee Rag khun!

Sidtee Gagarin ❤

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