Thailand Week 1: Rider in Mahasarakham! Isan Sisters!!!

Sawatdee Kha!!!!!

Hello, everyone! I'm already in Thailand. I honestly don't know how to organize my email because so much has happened for the past two weeks and I don't even have a photo to send! hahahaha Im so sorry it's just that I dont have time to take photos im always biking hahahaha

So we had super long flights from Utah, to Chicago to Hong Kong then Finally in Thailand! Our mission president and his wife are so great they let us sleep in for two days which is great and I got a total of 10 hours of sleep for my second day WHICH IS AWESOME!!!!! and they fed us with so much Thai food. I love Thai Food!!! so for our first day, we went to Lumpini Park then to the health clinic to have our blood tested. No big deal, It's just that they got so much blood hahahahah while on the way there we tried talking to some people. we tried to talk to this random guy I was with someone who's Thai so im leaving the conversation to her BUT THEN the man started talking to me and I clearly cant understand him then he laughed and grabbed me in the arm which is so scary. someone grabbed me in the arm on my first day. Turned out that he's kinda from Bangladesh or something and we can't understand him. It was such a crazy experience. but all is good now.

Provo MTC: WEEK 8! (Almost There)

Sawatdee Kha!

How's Everyone!? I'm doing really great! Today, we went to the temple for the very last time before we head to Thailand! Yup, we only have 5 more days! It still feels weird to say that but I'm excited! My MTC stay has been amazing but it has to end! I'll treasure every moment 💟 A lot are saying they don't like the MTC but I guess it all depends on you. It's how you spend it! I had a really great time here! I know I have grown and God prepared me enough for the people that He, too, has prepared.

Provo MTC Week 7: Mountain of the Lord

Hello Everyone!!! It's me again! :)

I'm really so excited to email this week because I've lots to say! but... I don't know how im gonna start so forgive moi! hahahaha :)

Days truly feel like weeks and weeks truly feel like days! I can't believe we're going to Thailand in less than 2 weeks so that's really something im looking forward to. lemme just have a rundown of how my week went so it'll be easier. 

WED - so I was really worried before Wednesday  because I chipped my teeth hahahahaha! It didn't look good so I was worried. We went to the clinic for my 2nd Japanese Encephalitis shot and I inquired immediately if the dentist is in. and He was not but they were really accommodating that they got an appointment for me outside the MTC!!! yay! so we're out and about for 3 hours which is cool!! hahahaha We went to Lehi, Provo! my teeth is now fixed so all is fine!!! :) It was really fast and the dentist was so kind. The worst part is having a numb mouth for about 2 hours hahahaha!

Provo MTC Week 6: Missions are Forever

This week has gone by really fastttttttt!!!! Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days! The good thing is... We only have 3 more weeks!

Happy Happy birthday to my beautiful MAMA!!! <3 Love you!

Tomorrow, we're going to have Nong Thais (New Thai District). We're gonna be the Phii Thaiis (older Thai District)! Yaaa! We’re the Alpha! hahahaha Just kidding! I wonder if we're going to have roommates though :) It's either the Cambodian or Thai District! I'll let you know! :) 

Today has been great so far. We went to the temple for the 
6:40 session and had "celestial" breakfast, as we call it. Because it's so much better than the MTC food :) I'm doing the laundry as I type so yeah multi-tasking at its finest. I'm currently listening to "Tiny Voice" By Lexi Walker. I’m not sure about the name of the song but look it up it's really nice! It tells about how important our voices are - shared with kindness and love! Sometimes, we feel like we aren't heard by people or no one is listening to us. But truth is... there is. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always listening to us. And they want us to share this voice as long as it is partnered with kindness and love! Share the good things that you want to say. :) 

Yesterday, we had interviews with our branch president. They are thanking us for being a good missionary and for all the service and how excited they are for us. I felt like it was already the end of my 18-month mission! hahaha and then I came into my senses and realized I only had 6 weeks here hahahaha! I'll miss my district! We are like a family now! Today, we set a goal to go to the temple together. And we did! That was Fun.

Last Sunday, we watched this old talk from Elder Holland and it's the BEST. It's called Missions are Forever. That's the best I've seen so far for our movie nights. It talks about how important it is to be obedient in our missions. It was a very straightforward, informative and inspiring talk. Missionary work is not easy because Salvation is not a cheap experience. That was my favorite line from his talk because it is so true. I learned that If there's only one convert in your mission, It's okay as long as it's you...

I want to end this email by telling you Phrapuupencaw Rag Raw! God loves us. Rely on Him, Act in Faith and He'll always help us. I don't have much to say this week... hehehe but if you have questions just email me and I'll reply on Tuesday!

Love you all!

Sidtee Gagarin ❤

Provo MTC Week 5

Sawatdee Kha!!!

Well, this week went by so fast. It's been wonderful! 

1/18 months down! hahahaha But we still have about a month here in the MTC! I can't believe it has been that fast/slow. Mai ruu (I don’t know) the feeling of wanting to leave/stay here in the MTC changes everyday. Sometimes you're stressed, sometimes you feel like it's a routine. But for the most times, I’m so happy for this opportunity. I've been learning so much and been meeting so many great people!  Sidtee rag MTC mag! (I love the MTC so much) It's kinda a comfortable place though... so surely, we need to adjust in Thailand!!!

Last Tuesday, I ran out of time so I wasn't able to email that much hehehehe we had so many errands to run. But this Pday is more chill. We went to the temple this morning, then I’m emailing right now while doing the laundry then choir later and devotional tonight. I love Tuesdays! 

Speaking of Choir! Elder Guttierez, who is currently in Manila MTC, told me he saw me singing in the devotional broadcast with Elder Bednar. Hahahaha, that is so cool! I was tempted to look at the screen pero di pwede hehehe I'm not sure who's coming tonight though but we'll sing "Sweet Hour of Prayer". 

Btw, I gained weight this week!!! And I blame the weighing scale because it's in pounds! hahahaha I can finally say that I have adjusted to their food here! I have stopped snacking at night. Because I know tataba ako sa Thailand dahil masarap daw pagkain!!!

Alright, I want to give you some update on our investigator!!!  Phii/Sidtee Arm wants to be baptized next month! That made my week! I know it's not in real life because it's just our teacher (acting) but it motivates me! Our investigator is really sweet and even though we can’t understand her (sometimes or maybe a lot of times... hahaha), we can feel her desire to know more of the Savior Jesus Christ. Also, Phii/Sidtee Bo, another investigator, finally came to church! So happy for her! (Also our teacher, acting) She works on Sundays so it was hard for her to attend church. But we know that God would bless her even more if she'll keep the Sabbath day holy! I'll give you updates on our fake investigators hehehe but really, it’s more on how we become more effective instruments/teachers. I know we don’t know so much Thai yet... but I have confidence in God that He'll help me along the way. Just like my Older Brother who's fluent in the Indonesian Language. Just like all other missionaries. The Gift of Tongues is real!

So, Last Sunday I gave a talk in our Sacrament meeting. (They call people on the spot). I was so confident that I won’t be called! hahahaha I was the opening prayer so I was expecting I won’t give a talk.... but they called me as one of the speakers! hahaha that was so unexpected. The topic was about baptism. So I shared how baptism is a "sacred step" in entering the Kingdom of God.

Yesterday, we had our last IN-Person TRC lessons with some members of the church. I'm gonna miss the volunteers so much! Next week, we'll have Skype TRC with native speakers hahahaha! I can imagine myself saying: Mai Kawcay (I don't understand) Sidtee Kawcay niinoy (I understand a little) or Phuud iig nooy day may ka? (Will you pls repeat?)

hahaha! just kidding! I know Thai speakers speaks so fast! hahaha We have this sister friend who's from Thailand and going to serve in Japan and she always helps us. We love talking to her!

So back to our TRC lesson... we were so inspired to teach about the Temple. We see it every day from the MTC but we haven't really taught about it yet. For this TRC lesson, we were with Brother Brown (Senior missionary), Brother Powers (Returned Missionary), and sister Pheem who just got back from her mission. They all served in Thailand. TRCs are pure Thai Lessons. We loved how strong the spirit was in our lessons. We shared how important the temple is to focus more on Christ and to view life with an eternal perspective. When we go to the temple, we have one foot on earth and one foot in heaven. We are literally in the House of the Lord. It is a house of learning, and a house of prayer. The temple gives me a lot of comfort while I'm away from my family. I know that I'll leave them for 18 months to be with them for eternity. Brother Brown shared that his child died young and the temple gives him so much comfort. The Lord assures him that He'll be with his family someday. As long as we'll strive to keep our covenants with Him. 

The temple is the House of the Lord and that we should always strive to visit the temple regularly. Here, in Utah, there are so many temples. They are so blessed to have a temple nearby. In Asia, some would need to travel for hours and sometimes to another country just to visit the temple. It's truly a test of faith. And I’m grateful for the times my family would strive to visit the temple together. It's something that I miss. 

We also shared Doctrine and Covenants 88:119: "Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.”

In Thailand, there's no temple yet. But it has been announced that they will have a temple soon. So I won't be visiting a temple for the next 16 months. But, according to the verse we shared, we can always feel the presence of God as long as we organize ourselves. Our own houses can be of God as long as we establish a house of prayer, of faith, of order, of learning, and of love. My family isn't perfect but I salute my mama and papa for teaching us to build a house of God. Although we have shortcomings, they never stopped teaching us that. :) We aren't perfect. But the Lord assures us that we have a divine potential as long as we'll follow Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful to be one of the missionaries who will be instruments in preparing the people of Thailand for their temple.

That is why my challenge for you this week is to strive to visit the temple! Or establish a House of God even in our own houses! :) Love one another!

This week, I am missing my family so much. But when I got home from the temple, I felt really comforted that He will always be with them. #hihi

I love you all so much! Sidtee Rag Khun Mag Kha!

Sidtee Gagarin ❤

Provo MTC Week 4

Sawaatdee kha!!!

This week has been amazing! (hahaha)

Last Tuesday, right after emailing, me and my companion had to go outside MTC because she needs to go to the clinic because there's something in her eye that's irritating... But she's all good now! (And we were able to go off-campus which is fun hehehe) Later we'll be going outside of the MTC again as I have a dental appointment, hehehe.

Also in the same day, Elder Bednar came and gave a talk!!! He talked about the Succession of Presidency. It gave a serious ambience and it was very informative. I feel so blessed to be here in the MTC at this time and experience these things. So blessed to hear directly from the Apostle of the Lord. Also Last Thursday, we watched the broadcast of President Monson's funeral so our schedule was also different. Later, we'll gather to hear President Nelson's Message…

I don't know what else to say, hahaha! We were so busy this week. Now that we have a better grasp of the language, I feel like learning the language is now faster. I think it helps when you challenge yourself, set your own goals, and set goals with your companion/district.

Reading the Thai Book of Mormon every night (1 verse per night) helps me. Although 3 would read 1 line in like an hour hahahaha I try! Also me and my companion set a goal and that is to testify in THAI once a day to people we don't know hahahaha 1 will testify in Thai and the other will translate it. So it'll help us with the language. Surprisingly, we don’t bring our grammar and language books anymore when teaching so that's an achievement for us. For this week's TRC lessons, we didn't prepare a lesson hahahaha! We want to go inside the TRC room, talk about the Book of Mormon, ask for his/her favorite verse, and start from there. :) It went really great!!! I love how we can work together and how the Holy Ghost helps us everytime we teach :)

So for the past few weeks, we only have 1 regular teacher. But this week, we had 5!!! Hahahahahaha The elders think it's because we suck so they gave us a lot of teachers hahahaha, but it's really helpful. There are only 7 of us in our district so the teachers can really focus on individual's improvement...

For the Food, it's getting better. I now know which food is good hahahaha BTW I’m back to my normal weight!!!!!! Volleyball every gym time!!! :)

OK we had to go prepare now! Send me emails within this day and I'll reply right away! :)))

Sidtee Rag Khun!!!

Sidtee Gagarin ❤