Provo MTC Week 4

Sawaatdee kha!!!

This week has been amazing! (hahaha)

Last Tuesday, right after emailing, me and my companion had to go outside MTC because she needs to go to the clinic because there's something in her eye that's irritating... But she's all good now! (And we were able to go off-campus which is fun hehehe) Later we'll be going outside of the MTC again as I have a dental appointment, hehehe.

Also in the same day, Elder Bednar came and gave a talk!!! He talked about the Succession of Presidency. It gave a serious ambience and it was very informative. I feel so blessed to be here in the MTC at this time and experience these things. So blessed to hear directly from the Apostle of the Lord. Also Last Thursday, we watched the broadcast of President Monson's funeral so our schedule was also different. Later, we'll gather to hear President Nelson's Message…

I don't know what else to say, hahaha! We were so busy this week. Now that we have a better grasp of the language, I feel like learning the language is now faster. I think it helps when you challenge yourself, set your own goals, and set goals with your companion/district.

Reading the Thai Book of Mormon every night (1 verse per night) helps me. Although 3 would read 1 line in like an hour hahahaha I try! Also me and my companion set a goal and that is to testify in THAI once a day to people we don't know hahahaha 1 will testify in Thai and the other will translate it. So it'll help us with the language. Surprisingly, we don’t bring our grammar and language books anymore when teaching so that's an achievement for us. For this week's TRC lessons, we didn't prepare a lesson hahahaha! We want to go inside the TRC room, talk about the Book of Mormon, ask for his/her favorite verse, and start from there. :) It went really great!!! I love how we can work together and how the Holy Ghost helps us everytime we teach :)

So for the past few weeks, we only have 1 regular teacher. But this week, we had 5!!! Hahahahahaha The elders think it's because we suck so they gave us a lot of teachers hahahaha, but it's really helpful. There are only 7 of us in our district so the teachers can really focus on individual's improvement...

For the Food, it's getting better. I now know which food is good hahahaha BTW I’m back to my normal weight!!!!!! Volleyball every gym time!!! :)

OK we had to go prepare now! Send me emails within this day and I'll reply right away! :)))

Sidtee Rag Khun!!!

Sidtee Gagarin ❤

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