Thai New Year and Water Festival (Songkran)

Songkran was so fun! For pday, we went to a downtown road and it's so packed! There are so many people and literally, everyone would pour water on you. It's like a way of showering blessings for them. We met some less actives along the way so that was interesting. It was kind of weird to pour water on them in like, our first meeting but it was Songkran! hahahaha But one of them came to church last sunday so that was really great! Here are some photos! 

*also included is a photo of a veryyyyyyyyyyy sweet dog hahaha even though I'm kinda scared

The Prophet and Apostle

Yep! He came! President Nelson and Elder Holland, together with their wives, came to Thailand! It was a very historical event and I feel way blessed to have witnessed it. Last Friday, we flew down to Bangkok and the event was so far the biggest Thai Mormon gathering ever.It was a great sight! Also, it's my first time to see the Prophet and it will forever be one of the best days of my life! They both had translators so everyone would be able to understand. People from Burma and Laos came too. It's amazing how much they have sacrificed to came and listen to the Prophet's voice! 

There are just so many miracles! We have this investigator who we almost dropped because she is not really progressing BUT called us last week and said she's going to Bangkok to see the prophet!!! Now that's a miracle. It takes 8 hours to go to Bangkok and that's a lot of faith. She went with the branch. She got to see the prophet!!!! She said she had goosebumps all throughout the meeting and she loved all the messages! aaaah! She asked why the meeting was so short and she wanted to stay for like, until 11 or something. she just loved it so much and asked us when the next meeting is so she can book a flight instead because the bus ride made her sooooo tired. She's about 50 yrs old and she's from Laos. There are times when I can and can't understand her. Sometimes she speaks Laotian, Thai and Isan. So maybe sometimes it just works out. hahaha But she's really amazing. when we visited her yesterday, she doesn't want us to leave yet because she says she has a happy feeling when we're with her. She told us about her dream about a tree, with a light coming out of it, and a person dressed in white above it. and that she's trying to reach His hand but she woke up... well we asked her to read 1Nephi 8. She's just really so close and she needs to recognize the Holy Ghost more.


Two kids playing pre-Songkran

It's so weird to have pday on a Friday but it's fun! I mean, I don't know yet but I think it's going to be fun! hahaha! It's Songkran Festival today - water festival/New year of Thailand. Year 2561 or 2562 (I'm not so sure!) 😁

The past few days have been incredibly hot- around 40 degrees Celsius. It's been kind of a struggle because a lot of people cancelled appointments with us! also because It's a major holiday so a lot are out of town. BUT that can't stop us from sharing the gospel! hahaha we had facebook video calls with investigators and members which is also fun. We met the mom of one of our investigators through the video call. She's so nice and invited us to their house which by the way, is not our area. so it's not allowed.😉

Greenie Life Continues...

Hello, everyone!

This past weekend, we were able to watch General Conference and I love all the talks! I love the new ministering program of the church. It's not just about visiting people in their homes and sharing a message or a lesson but a holier way of caring for people. I love how they focus it on the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us and how we can share that love to others too!

"Pure LOVE is a true sign of every true disciple of Jesus Christ" - Elder Massimo De Feo