Mahasarakham Week 1 & 2

Hello, everyone!

The past week went by super fast! Just like how my biking has gotten faster these past few days! hahahaa I can still remember last week, I was really having a hard time biking but now I've gotten better at it :)

I just want to say, I love Mahasarakham! The people here are super nice and sharing the gospel is so worth it hahaha! If ever they reject you, they reject you in a good way which is um, nice :) This week, I worked more on the language studies and finding people! Me and my companion sings hymns everyday and reads from the Book of Mormon every day too! I think I've gotten better on reading this week. We had a BOM class with the ward and I haven't been more nervous to read from the BOM hahahaha because everyone listens to your Thai and they will correct you, which is good.

Linguistically speaking, Thai language is very interesting and it's amazing how some words dont translate in English.  The structure is very distinct too. Anyway, with regards to finding, I have gotten better in approaching people and starting a conversation with them. but when they start to respond in a lengthy way, it's my companion's turn! hahahaha! also, we found this 2 investigator kids who are both so cute! :) We met them while it was raining! we taught about prayer and had a return appointment and they're so cute when they reminded us not to forget the appointment! when we got back they were waving and it was so cute. they ran and said "wait, we're gonna get  our pamphlets!" in thai, which is way so cute! :)

Last Saturday, ซ ตู got baptized! I love her so much! She's gonna be a way solid member, I can feel it! She already has a strong testimony and already trying her best to apply the gospel in her life. We teach her thrice a week which is good and something to look forward to. Me and my companionseta goal to find atleast 1 investigator a day and that's a motivation, right there. 

Thailand  has been super hot these past couple of days! The food is great!!!! I love all of it, but, My tummy still feels upset if it's way to spicy idk why but I love the food!!! My companion is way too afraid of spiders so I've already killed 2 huge ones. Im scared but I had too!!!! So, Btw, I love dogs, Maybe just our house dogs, but the dogs that chased us are way too scary!!! That's the only thing Im super afraid of here in Thailand!!!!!

This transfer is just way too exciting! I have been learning so much, both language and the gospel! It isn't easy. The work of the Lord isn't easy but with His guidance, we'll be able to accomplish great things. I have seen miracles already and it comes as we obey with exactness and as we apply the principles that we teach! 

My challenge for you this week is to choose a chapter from BOM and ponder on how you can apply it in your life. I know that as we liken the scriptures into our lives, we'll profit and learn so much!

Sawatdee Kha! Love you all!

Sister Gagarin

1&2 ซ. ตู๋ was baptized. She is amazing!
Other photos with Sister Pherson. FEB 29th was her birthday. But there's no feb 29 and everyone's teasing her so I just got her a mini cake hehehe

and we found this on our lawn. Pray for us! :)

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