Provo MTC Week 7: Mountain of the Lord

Hello Everyone!!! It's me again! :)

I'm really so excited to email this week because I've lots to say! but... I don't know how im gonna start so forgive moi! hahahaha :)

Days truly feel like weeks and weeks truly feel like days! I can't believe we're going to Thailand in less than 2 weeks so that's really something im looking forward to. lemme just have a rundown of how my week went so it'll be easier. 

WED - so I was really worried before Wednesday  because I chipped my teeth hahahahaha! It didn't look good so I was worried. We went to the clinic for my 2nd Japanese Encephalitis shot and I inquired immediately if the dentist is in. and He was not but they were really accommodating that they got an appointment for me outside the MTC!!! yay! so we're out and about for 3 hours which is cool!! hahahaha We went to Lehi, Provo! my teeth is now fixed so all is fine!!! :) It was really fast and the dentist was so kind. The worst part is having a numb mouth for about 2 hours hahahaha!

Also, Last wednesday, We HOSTed missionaries again for the 2nd time. so Hosting is really fun... We just waited for new missionaries to arrive, help them with their luggages, help them find their residence rooms and class rooms and just help them feel welcome in the MTC! :) I hosted 2 missionaries. One is going to serve in Thailand and the other in Taiwan... The only sad thing is, I wasn't able to help much with their luggage! hahahaha It was so funny because we have to carry their luggage and they  have like 3 each!!! and it's bigger than me. The other missionaries were saying "C'mon, SIster Gagarin! Grow some muscles!". i'm sorry, I tried! hahahaha but Im glad I was able to help with their carry on baggage😁! hahaha and the touring! That's my forte. LOL It was really fun. The family of the other sister cried, especially the dad, and it was so sweeeeeet! I nearly cried too! hahahaha that was fun

Thursday - (So while I'm writing this, im flipping through my Journal to remember what happened because my fam wants to know! hahahaha) Thursday is when when we teach both our investigators. today we taught the 10 commandments. I was looking forward to this day because I've been studying words for this lesson for about 2 days. Yup, I used flashcards. They help me memorize words. I usually just memorize words that I can use for our lessons and I'm happy flashcards work well on me. I try to write the words in Thai Scripts so while I memorize, I can also practice reading. I really think it helps me a lot. Also today, after our class... my teacher approached me and said I have improved a lot.  (yup, I basically suck at Thai tones in the first weeks!!!) She said She's so proud of me and that I should continue to improve. She also said she's never seen anyone improved that much/fast. (Hi fam I'm not making this up hahahahaha) So that was really something and very humbling because I always thought I was so behind the language! I realized no effort was wasted and that the Gift of Tongues is real as we diligently seek the Gospel and The language! :) I can still remember my first weeks when I almost said " Jesus Kills people" instead of "Wicked people killed Jesus". and when I almost closed a prayer with the Holy Ghost. We're gonna make 30,000 mistakes, But I know that's how we'll improve!

Fri and sat- This day, we had TRC. but this time, It's Via skype. we didn't get someone native but we talked to a returned missionary who currently lives in Utah. His name is Quentin. We talked about temples and it's really fun. Also last saturday, we had a really nice weather a.k.a. Not that COLD! hahahaha so It's nice to go out and have class outside our buildings and just see the nature. we talked about OMNI and how we can be better missionaries.

Sunday- We are officially Phii Thais!!!!! We had nong thai (younger Thai district) which came last Wednesday, I forgot to say. 4 new sisters and 6 new Elders for Thailand! Everyone in my district suddenly decides to English Fast! hahaha! It was fun. Last Sunday, We had lost of sisters for relief society. Before, we were just 6! I think we're teaching next sunday so let's see!It was fast and testimony meeting and I loved what everyone shared! We also had temple walks and practiced for Tuesday choir (which is later so I wonder who's coming) AND THEN one of the highlights of last week was when BYU NOTEWORTHY (acapella group)  came and sang! all the members are returned missionaries. They sang Amazing grace! hahahaha I was so happy. I always listen to it at home and my family is so tired of it so it was really kinda funny when they came. hahahaha love love! and for movie night btw, We watched Mountain of the Lord which basically is about SLC

Monday - (a.k.a. Best day of my life) I woke up before 6:30 and prepared immediately because We're going to Salt Lake Temple! :) They tour international missionaries and I feel so blessed to be invited. :) Sadly, my Khuu (companion) cant go because she's from the US so I'll be having a new companion for the day.  and I was so surprised that it was Sister Ladawan ( from Thai) I love her so much!!! She only speaks Thai, lil English and Japanese (because she's gonna serve in Japan). Challenge accepted. SYL - Speak Your Language for a day! I love love love talking to her! She's so funny and I really enjoyed the tour/training with her! She only had translator for 2 hours so I had to translate for her!!! Im so under-qualified but I tried my best! I love the Language. It's crazy, but I love it. I loved talking to her. I learned so much just in a day with her. We share the same humor so i love it! There's this sentence where I thought she said "Raw ca taay duaygan" Let's die together and I said, "Huh? I don't wanna die yet!" but she actually meant "Raw ca day duaygan" and she meant Let's take photos together. It was so funny! The thing in Thai Language is... there's one word, different tones, different meanings. So I'll probably look dumb for the first month but that's how I'll learn hahahahaha

Back to the temple story, yeah, It was a great opportunity to Visit amazing places and remind myself of the beautiful history of the church. My email is already long, pardon me, but my week has really been the best 💟

After the bus and train ride, we went to Kristus (idk if I've spelled it right but it was the statue of Christ near the Salt Lake temple). It was so amazing, that's where we write on our journals and shared testimonies which was great. I was reminded of how Christ Centered our lives should be and how through Him, we can return to our Father in Heaven. Love it <3

Then we went to  The Church History Museum. I love museums so muuuucccch! and it was about the church! :) We went into the First Vision theatre. I've already watched the video like a lot of times but It still is gets to you. That's how real it is! I testify that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true.  I am so blessed to see the original manuscripts and what the first printing press used, death masks of Hyrum and Prophet Joseph Smith, and many other things. This stuff is not something everyone would be able to see but whether or not I've seen it, I'll still believe that the church is true and so is the history. We also went to the Church Library. Same things. we saw original manuscripts and first edition copies.It was amazing seeing such things! Despite the fact I love libraries, the record keeping was just fascinating... ugh It was great!

We went to The Church Headquarter's office for lunch and then went to the Conference Center (the bigger one), Relief Society Headquarters and Tabernacle. These places are so far away from home but I feel like it has always been so close! I was never inside these places but I definitely was with them whenever they sustain leaders of the church.

Then yeah Long story short... (hahaha) I was able to visit the Salt Lake Temple. It was the perfect time! I live in the other side of the planet so it was a very memorable experience :) This day surely strengthened my testimony and my desire to share it to other people.  I know that the Church is true and that Christ Lives. I know that God called Joseph Smith as the prophet of this dispensation and as an instrument in restoring the Church of God. and we're part of it. We are helping God in the restoration of His Church. I know that the Book of Mormon is True and it teaches us how to become like Christ. I love you all so much! I know Heavenly Father loves us so mucccccccch. More than we can comprehend.

Love, Sister Gagarin 💟

Thanks for reading this! hahahaha I put the email in BCC so it won't be such a hassle for everyone to scroll down hihi. I'll send photos in a different mail. Here's the restoration vid if yall wanna watch:

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