Provo MTC: WEEK 8! (Almost There)

Sawatdee Kha!

How's Everyone!? I'm doing really great! Today, we went to the temple for the very last time before we head to Thailand! Yup, we only have 5 more days! It still feels weird to say that but I'm excited! My MTC stay has been amazing but it has to end! I'll treasure every moment 💟 A lot are saying they don't like the MTC but I guess it all depends on you. It's how you spend it! I had a really great time here! I know I have grown and God prepared me enough for the people that He, too, has prepared.

Last Sunday, we had a devotional and it was really inspiring and uplifting. We talked about Christ and how He gives peace in our lives. Can I just say that "I love Jesus Christ" !!! I love Him so much and I wouldn't know what to do without Him. God has blessed me and my family so much and I'm more than happy to share the blessings to other people. Also, we watched "Recognizing the Spirit" by Elder Bednar for movie night. I have learned so much about listening to the spirit more. If you're asking whether it's the spirit or if it's your will... let me tell you this... Quit WORRYING about it! Press forward with steadfastness in Christ. As long as you'll strive to do good, the Spirit of the Lord shall be with you/us. We have to work forward.

Yesterday, I taught in class. I used to teach in a school so it felt really weird to be teaching again in such setting but of course, MTC is different. and it's about the gospel!It was about CH 9: Finding People hehe  It was really fun, all of them participated. I prepared this activity where we had different finding/contacting scenarios. The elders were just sooooo funny! Also, The trio: Elder Killian, Elder Pastores and Elder Tusiesenia prepared a BOM Charades activity and it's the funniest! We had to act out a BOM scenarios and the rest would guess which chapter it is from... Sister Mader and I got the Laban scenario and they guessed it real fast! We're good actresses, i guess hahaa! Elder sumsion and Elder Kim had the Captain moroni scene. When it was the trio's scene, when they were just preparing for it, Sister smith (our teacher) told us we should pretend we can't guess it so they'll act it out many times hahahhaa and we did hahahaha at the start of their acting, We knew at first it was Abinadi but we pretended we didn't know it hahaha they acted it out several times and started to get frustrated because it was an easy one. It was just really funny I don't know how to explain it even more . I suck at story telling LOL! I love our classes! Our teacher seems to be running out of lessons so this week, it's more of us teaching which is fun!!! hahahha

Later, I'll sing in the MTC choir for the very last time. and I'll really miss choir so much and also, Brother Egget. We're singing an arrangement by him!!! Mostly, I'll miss the teachers, my district and choir. Some of the best things here!

So we'll leave on Monday morning here at 2:30 am. We fly out to Chicago, Hongkong then Thailand! I was assigned as travel leader of my district so I'm really hoping everyone would just behave hahahaha! I'll probably start packing later... Also, Yesterday... we got our Thai name tags!!!!  I have my name in Thai now!!!! That's exciting!
Sister Mader and I were invited by the MTC Relief Society Presidency + our branch to be one of the panels for next Sunday's "Match His Message". That was really such a surprise! will probably be one of my most memorable moments here! so, MHM is for new missionaries. They will meet with the MTC RS Presidency and will listen to the panels about missionary standards (behavior, clothing and stuff like that) kinda like a Q and A portion and to set an example for new missionaries so it's really such an honor! this afternoon we'll have a meeting so I dont know what will happen. I'll let you know!

I don't know what else happened this week. oh, right... We'll have 2 investigators ready to be baptized on Saturday! :) I'll definitely miss Phii bo and Phii Arm!  I have learned so much here in the MTC. I have loved every moment, even the challenges! Next week, I'll email y'all from Thailand. Choog di! 💟

Sister Gagarin


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