We went to Surin 3 weeks ago and rode elephants. It was SO FUN!!!!!!! 
Biking without hands... 
สวัสดีค่ะ 🌐 

It's ALREADY July!!! Where did time go? I have no idea which week I'm on but guess what? I'm still in Mahasarakham! (With Sister Peterson). So the Journey continues in มหาสารคาม. I'm on my fourth transfer now and I had to say goodbye to my one hour Language study time. 😅 I have no idea how my Thai is right now but It's okay, I guess! Haha I remember 3 Sundays ago I translated for some members from Cambodia(Thai to English) for the Sacrament Meeting. It wasn't easy! Hahahaha so I just kind of made my own talk... hahahaha

So these past few weeks, we've been really working hard to get Less active members back to church. They are amazing and I'm so grateful to meet such wonderful people. We worked on visiting them and asking for members' help too. The members are very willing to help out and minister to them too. I love the ministering program of the church. We saw so many miracles through the genuine love the members have shown to the less active ones. I was able to meet แม่ นงรัก a few weeks ago. She lives at a หมู่บ้าน far from town (commutes and had to walk super far to go to church) and is really having a hard time in her life. The smile on her face and the excitement we saw on her when she saw the members come visit was just unexplainable. She was jumping with so much joy. I'm so so so happy for her! And now she is back to church. She shared her testimony yesterday too! 

Also, the past few weeks have been about FINDING!!! We got some referrals from some people we found. And they are the most interesting. We got some sticky notes with maps drawn on them too.(way not clear) hahaha we needed to locate Salons, Health Parks and car shops! First are the SALONS. We had to find a lady named โอ๋ and she works at a Salon. I have no idea how many existing Salons there are in Mahasarakham but we've been to at least 7 SALONS just to find her. And guess what??? We found Her!!!! A contact we had referred her and she said she's Christian! And we'll probably meet with her again in the near future which is awesome. Also, a miracle is that, we found another salon owner who is willing to learn more about the gospel while we're looking for โอ๋. So that's really a miracle. Also, I guess we're getting free haircuts pretty soon. I'll update y'all haha just kidding. 

We met an old lady too who draw a map to her house near a health park. Honestly, there are so many health parks here too but is far from each other. We had to visit at least 4 just to find the right one. And she is now our investigator! Yay!

It was fun finding people WHILE finding someone. I don't know if that makes sense but as PMG says: Find when you teach, Teach when you find!

Next up: finding a specific street near a CAR Shop! Stay tuned, people!

On Thursday, we're meeting our new Mission President a.k.a. the HAMMONDS. I heard they're amazing and I can't wait to meet them! 

Also, biggest miracle of the week! A walk-in at church! We met กุล and she is so prepared to receive the gospel! She told us her life story and how her family has totally different belief fro her and how she has always loved Jesus Christ as a child even though she doesnt know HIM that much! Isn't that amazing???? Yesterday, at church she told us she feels like she CAME HOME. That is just wonderful! And she got a date! She is such a miracle!!!

Oh yeah I almost forgot another miracle! พ่อ บัณฑิต (an old member) can finally see again!!!!! That is like the highlight of my week. Actually, one of the highlights! Hahahaha he hasn't been going to church because he needed to be in the hospital because of his eye problems. So before he can see but then his eyesight really got so bad until he can't see anymore. He just got back from the hospital last Friday so if we visited him before that we wouldn't have seen them at home. BUT THEN last Saturday, we decided to go visit him(he lives far) without calling first. And HE'S HOME and SATURDAY WAS THE FIRST DAY HE GOT HIS EYESIGHT BACK. YAAAAAY Hahaha THAT WAS SO FUN! We were so happy he can finally see us! Or at least he can finally see hehehehe we love him so much! It's indeed a miracle! But he still has to fully recover before he can come back to church. Actually, He speaks ISAN so I didn't really understand him that much but Also, I feel like I understand him hahaha I don't know. Hahaha

When I started this mission of serving the Lord full-time, I was so excited to see miracles. I just had the feeling that here is where miracles are. The past few weeks have been amazing and testifies of that. I've learned that in our daily lives, miracles constitute of action and faith in the God. Faith in His divine plan for everyone. So, my CHALLENGE FOR ALL of us is to always SEEK FOR MIRACLES. As Mosiah 8:18 says,

18 Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings.


I have started to make a list of miracles I see everyday. You can too! And when you're feeling down, you can look at your miracles list and realize there's so much more to be thankful for!

Everyday is already a miracle. We are miracles. This life is full of miracles and I feel so grateful!!! AAAAH! Hahahaha

Alright, this has been a super long email already! Ngayon Lang sinipag! I love you all!



ซิสเตอร์กาการิน 💚

With a daughter of our investigator! Super cute and cries when we leave.(internally crying hahahahaha)

My dragon fruit smoothie for my attempt to be healthy, haha!

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