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Hello, everyone!

This past weekend, we were able to watch General Conference and I love all the talks! I love the new ministering program of the church. It's not just about visiting people in their homes and sharing a message or a lesson but a holier way of caring for people. I love how they focus it on the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us and how we can share that love to others too!

"Pure LOVE is a true sign of every true disciple of Jesus Christ" - Elder Massimo De Feo
Question to ponder: Are we true disciples of Christ? What can we do to become better?

I know that there's always room for improvement. We would be able to love, teach and care like the Savior as we willingly submit to His will. 

This week, we went to Mahasarakham University to go inviting and we saw this woman sitting on a bench. we approached her and asked her how she's doing. AND THEN SHE STARTED CRYING! she told us her son passed away and that she has to take of her children all by herself plus her grandkids so it was so hard for her. We shared about prayer and that God understands what she's going through. We also shared a video with her about Christ. I know that God sent us to her. I believe that God wants her to feel comforted and to feel His love. 

Every week is full of miracles! This week, we extended the baptismal invitation to ออม and she accepted it! I'm so happy for her and I love her so much! She's studying Law and she is just amazing! She reads the Book of Mormon and prays everyday. :) 

This week, We're going to celebrate สงกรานต์ (Songkran Festival!) so I'll have pday again on Friday! Next week, we're going down to Bangkok for President Nelson's visit! I'm way excited!!!!

Love you all and sorry this email is so all over the place  hahaha

Sister Gagarin


Photos from pday

we went to visit a dinosaur museum in Kalasin

and visited some วัด (wat)

some comp photos

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