Third Transfer // Week 22

Hello, everyone! 

This week has been fun and all sorts of challenging! Well, Im not a greenie anymore! That's new to me. Biking the roads of Mahasarakham has been familiarly strange, if that makes sense at all. This time, I lead the area so the area has never looked this big for me hahaha. It was kind of hard but this is a milestone I guess for missionaries as we need to go out of our comfort zone and be full pledged missionaries. (Not training anymoreeeee)

I'm really glad though that Im staying for another transfer. I surely will miss Sister Pherson. She definitely taught me a lot! I learned a lot from her and she is one of the best missionaries I have ever met. 

My new companion is Sister Peterson. She is amazing too! She brings sunshine to everyone as she wears her smile every time. We literally invite everyone we meet to come to church every Sunday. I like her energy!

On transfer day, we get to be with our MTC GROUP. We went to renew our visas and it was so fun. We didnt know where we're going hahaha eventually, we found our way back to the mission office. We met our new companions and went straight to Mahasarakham. It was an 8 hour bus ride. It didn't really feel that long because we were talking most of the time. Also, I'm afraid to miss our stop! Hahahaha

This week has been a great learning experience. But more than ever, I'm so grateful to be sharing the Gospel to the people here in Thailand. They are amazing! And they would be more amazing as they come to know more about the Savior. Actually, WE CAN BE MORE AMAZING as we come to know more about the Savior and as we apply His teachings to the life that Heavenly Father has given us. There are times I feel scared to share, scared of some people or situations. But then, I realized... I can feel afraid to feel that I really need help from God - and that He can definitely help me. 

So... my challenge for you this week is to recognize one of your weaknesses. By recognizing our weaknesses we will be able to know that we definitely are not perfect. BUT we have a perfect God that can help us turn weaknesses into strengths. I am so positive that there is always room for improvement. LET us reserve a room for improvement. LET us receive a room for Him in our hearts. 

I love you all. Til next week! 

ซิสเตอร์ กาการิน

Sister Gagarin

For Photos... 
I mean photo.. haha here is a photo of ant eggs which people here really like to eat. Yup. Bye!

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