Grace of Christ

Indeed a crazy fast week and it's almost the end of the transfer! AAAAH so fast! 

This week was one of my best weeks so far! So many service opportunities, visited and shared with a ton of people, and learned a looooooooot! I feel like I hit this milestone in my 10 months of service as a full-time missionary (I just realized that!!!! Woah). This week, I learned a lot from all the experiences I've gained and from all the people I've met. I loved yesterday's Sacrament Meeting. Because I have felt how much Heavenly Father loves me so much. I was humbled by all my weaknesses and I felt grateful for my Father in Heaven. I'm grateful for His plan for me and for giving me someone who can help me feel loved and feel strengthened -Someone who understands me. I know that Christ is my Savior and that He loves me enough - to remind me that in life, there'll be failures, mistakes, times when I will not reach my weekly goals, and things will sometimes not go according to what we've planned. That it's okay, and that I am enough. Efforts were great. But also, I have learned and I know that He loves me enough. He loves me enough to not let me stay the same but to learn and improve: to prayerfully set goals, to make plans with faith. He loves me enough to help me be better than who I was yesterday because He believes in my divine potential. OUR divine potential. He's helping us reach the best version of ourselves and that's through the Grace of Christ. And that's a wonderful plan right there. As what Sister Kearon has said, He loves us in our beautiful messiness. All of these are possible as we follow the examples of our Savior and as we exert prayerful efforts each day. I know that if we willingly and faithfully take every step towards the Savior, He gladly and lovingly meets us more than halfway. I love Him so much! 

Ended the week and we reached our goal! Miracles. My companion is so awesome and I look forward to the weeks to come! 
So, for this email, I want to share about some things that help me in this journey!!! Like what we do every day to help us in our every day work. (That my help my friends too who are preparing for a mission)

1. STUDY!!!!!
Well, because my companion is in her 1st transfer, we have 3 hours of study!!!!!! Yay. I love studies. We have Personal, Language, and Companionship studies.
I make sure to 
• Study About Christlike attributes for 5-10 minutes
• at least 1 general conference talk
• Book of Mormon/PMG
• Study for investigators
• And if I have extra time, I'll read from The new testament and more talks :)
• Read Thai Book of Mormon (almost done! Helps me a lot with my language!!!)
• Read church magazines in Thai ( because the language here is more conversational, it's usually where I get my 5 words a day)
• Listen to talks in Thai 
• Read the Thai Book of Mormon with my comp

• Sing in Thai 😂
• Read Missionary Handbook and Safeguards
• Recite stuff in Thai
• And share what we've learned from our personal study
• Training

• My prayers have changed and I try to really communicate with Heavenly Father. THis is what helped me tha most! 
• Pray as a companionship! Pray for the goalzzz
• The golden rule that's จำเป็น. Because nothing happens in missionary work unless you have someone to teach. Find someone to teach by opening your mouth. (That's me telling myself 555)
• Serve your companions and the members and basically everyone. 😍
• "We all have had experiences that promote and build faith. They should be remembered and passed down to future generation" Elder Maxwell so... #JournalsAreImportant I strive to write everyday! Right now, I'm on to my 4th Journal through the mission. Sometimes I study them and just laugh at myself. Just kidding.
6. WORK HARDER and SMARTER and be Exactly Obedient: I'm grateful for my companions because I've seen their example of obedience. They inspire me! 

I might have more but this is all for now. Maybe next time I'll email about... WHAT'S IN MY BAG? hahahaha I'm just kidding I love you all!

By the way, Our challenge for this week and for the rest of the year is Presdient Nelson's challenge which is to study and finish the Book of Mormon by the end of this year! I'm si excited for that. If you're not a member of the church, you can get yours for free here:

Also, sad to say but we haven't found the ONE or หนึ่ง. He was just gone. And we cant find him. I pray for him and I know he'll come back in time and learn with missionaries again and eventually accept and live the gospel. 

I รัก you all

Sister Gagarin

I dont have photos these week (yes kuya, wala hahaha) but here's noriii

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