Life After The Mission

Woah, I miss my blog. It’s been three months since I got home from my mission and it’s amazing to think how a lot of things have already happened. Well, missing the mission life is inevitable but I can see how it changed the way I am and how I view things. Actually, no drastic changes. Everything just got better. It all goes down to how I react or respond to situations and challenges.

From TH 🇹🇭 to PH 🇵🇭

Hi, everyone! 

Guess what? It's me, Sister Gagarin Jasmine! 555 I've been home for about two weeks now and it's been fun. There hasn't been a day in the past two weeks that I have not missed Thailand or the mission. Before, it was hard to think of myself not being in Thailand - not wearing my badge and not being with another sister as my companion 24/7. My last Sunday in the mission was awesome and I felt like everything was right. I was excited to go home and be with my family! I know that I gave my best effort and I was so grateful for all the help the Lord has given me in this work.

Thailand Bangkok Mission

Who would've thought that 18 months would be that fast? This week was a lot of work! ต้องทำให้มากตลอด I'll say it's so ดีมากๆ it's such a good week and a great way to end a transfer and to end a full time mission! I am so happy and excited and also, kind of sad to leave Thailand tomorrow. 

The past 2 weeks have been sooo wonderful. I am just genuinely so happy about the work and for all the people we are teaching. They are amazing and it would be hard to leave them but I know that the Lord's work will continue and His trusted servants would help the people of Thailand ต่อไป. I'm blessed for this opportunity โอกาส to serve them too! 

18 months and Beyond!!!


Yesss! It felt really fast. Our week was so packed and I just want to say I missed my companion a lot! 555 After Tuesday, we were with other sisters because of Switchoffs! We only planned to switch off/exchange companions for Thursday and Saturday but was asked to kind of "surprise switch off" with some sisters. 

My companion just did her Visa work in the morning and switched off that day too and is so down to travel at night. 

18 MONTH MARK this week!!!!

สวัสดีจร้าาา Hi!!!

It's been raining a lot here in Bangkok and I like it! เย็นๆดี 

We worked and had service this morning that's why I'm emailing just now!!! This afternoon, we watched Jensen play the piano for free 555 because he plays in concerts, apparently. Like recitals... We just met him yesterday and he's really nice!!! We went with the international sisters

This morning we helped sister Bee pack her stuff and carry it to the post office. I'm going to miss her so much!!!!  she's moving to Chiang Rai so I won't be seeing her for the next few weeks BUT we'll videocall!!!! 


Hello everyone!

Wasn't able to email last week but hey, I'm still here!

It was a really great week! BYU Vocal Point was in Thailand and had a benefit concert and devotional which we were all able to attend to. (brought our Rcs and Investigators with us) The concert last Friday was so fun. It was kind of weird to be there after a year and a half of being a missionary Haha their devotional yesterday plus their testimonies were spirit-filled and so inspiring!  I just love their voices

Last Transfer

Hi everyone!

Long week!!!

Okrey... So Monday was about Dialogue in the dark! It was such an eye opener to me! We went to an hour long exhibition to experience how to live blindly. We were put into a dark room and passed through different settings with a blind guy guiding us. He was so good. It was way hard but the guide was experienced. Learned a lot from him and the experience.

We switched off in Thonburi last Wednesday and I just looooove their area so much. It's like a perfect mix of rural and Urban. Glad to have helped and learned from their area. It was our last companion exchange this transfer. Switch offs with sisters are always fun! We get to learn from these amazing sisters and they help us in our area too.

ลินดา​ Linda and Miracle เมย์​ May

Awesome week! The past week was nothing sort of awesooooome, it was way faaaaast. I only notice that it's way fast at the end of the week though 555 

Switch off last Wednesday was really fun! I was with Sister Lobos(from Quezon province). It was great working, finding, and teaching with her. We taught this Filipina fruit vendor 🍉🍏🍍🍎 I was so excited for that day because we can teach her together! Taught her about eternal families. I'll say it was one of my favorite days in my mission - teaching and testifying in Tagalog!!! 💚 She's not really progressing though we're really trying to help her. That day. We found some interested people. Sister Lobos is a great missionary and I'm so excited for her!

Wednesday was a great day for Sister Harris and I. So, we're trying to invite atleast 20 ppl a day. But last Wednesday, we hit our goal of inviting 60 people!!! Yay! We've been seeing more miracles as we talk with more people. Sometimes, it's hard to talk with everyone but honestly, we'll never know who is prepared for the gospel unless we talk with everyone. It's such a great commitment from our district/zone and also, from President Ballard.

Which reminds me... He's coming here next week! Wayyyy exciting!

Last Saturday, Linda got interviewed for her baptism. ❤️ And she passed!!! I'm so happy for her! Even before she learned with us, she was already sharing the gospel. She's been a Christian all her life and when she started coming to church, she started studying on her own and knew that this is the true church! =) I love how she talks about Joseph Smith and how great he is. Linda is so prepared. I remember she's quite cold to me when we first met her! Hahaha pero parang nakulitan! 555 I love her! When we gave her the baptismal invitation 3 weeks ago, she started really progressing and I saw how she changed and how happier she is too!!! 💚

Thursday was so fun! At the end of the day, we set up a booth/stand to promote our English Class. We had all things set up from pamphlets to our Line QR codes flyers 😂 we set it up at an Mrt station then Sister Harris and I moved to Din Daeng and invited there too! Honestly, that was way effective, you just got to pick the right spot. We got a ton of English students from that. Saw them last Saturday! I'll attach here some photos from that. ❤
Had to wake up really early for Thursday too since we went and renewed my Visa. It was such a fun day to see my MTC batch! Aaah I missed everyone and I'm so proud of them too! Had to wake up at 3:30am for that 😂🙏🏻

Sooooo how are you all doing?

This week, in my studies, I was reading in the New Testament and I loved a verse from Matthew 13 and it sayssss

16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

There were many instances of God's healing power in the New Testament including healing the blind and also the lady with issue of blood. Their faith were enough to receive this healing. I will always be amazed by how much love the Lord has for us. If we will just humble ourselves enough before Him, we will receive a greater sense of healing - not just physically but spiritually too. We live in a world where sometimes, it's hard to see and know what's right and hear the still small voice of the spirit. But there's a promise that if we will keep the commandments and follow Jesus Christ, we'll have the miracle of eyes that see what is worth seeing and ears that hear what is worth hearing. 👂👀💖

Right? So, in line with that, we are going to visit a science museum today called Dialogue in the Dark where you'll learn how blind people live. I think it'll be an incredible experience to understand them more and minister to them more. I'll say it's going to be an eye opening experience where we'll walk by faith and not by sight. Hehe 😍❤

LOVE you all! Cant believe that this week is the last full week of the transfer!


Switch offs with Sister Lobos

Butter Toast is my lyf

Laotian girls ❤

Awesome Linda

switchoffs in Asoke


How's everyone doing? 👋🏻 I'm feeling so much better now! Goodbye sakit! 😊

This week was great. We found some cool people and we are so excited to teach them ต่อไป​❤️ The people that we are teaching right now are progressing more which is so exciting!!! Loooveeee them!

Last Monday, we met some Filipinos at the MRT. They were in Thailand for a few days for Family Search and after Monday, I saw them at the Asoke Church every day 555 (because we taught at the โบสถ์​ everyday this week! 💜)

Also, I was with Sister Fukofuka last Wednesday for switch offs. She is the funniest! She made switchoffs more fun and I love how she talks with everyone ❤️ one funny thing is that she knows the song "Dahil Mahal Kita" because she used to watch Pinoy Series 😅 Friday, I switched off with Sister Chipman. She's a transfer ahead of me but we were together in The MTC! Can't believe she's going home after this transfer. She's such a great missionary and I love how she always teaches from the heart. The switch offs started a lil late since we needed to send Sister Saengchai to Suvarnabhumi airport. She's going to the Provo MTC. Picked her up at the airport the night before and thus, we were kind of sleep deprived. Surprisingly, I didn't feel too tired at all. 😅❤

This week was way fast. More meaningful activities every passing day! Last Saturday, we met someone who had a loooot of questions about life. Like, Why are we here? And where are we going??? We shared our extra special message with her and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. She's awesome.

Such simple questions help us solidify our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Do we really know where we are going? Or Do we really know we are are? I know that Heavenly Father has given us a perfect plan to follow. I'm so grateful for that. Sometimes we forget about eternity. Yes, may forever! 😅 And we're lucky enough not to spend it alone but we can be with our families. I know that through our Savior Jesus Christ we can grow, improve, and walk the path back to our true home!

LOVE you all! And to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's day. You are all legends! ❤


Video: sending Cherry!
Plus practicing departure at Suvarnabhumi Airport Lol just kidding

Send off party for PLOY. I'll miss herrrrrrrr


Filipinos at the Mrt! They are so niceeeee

เมย์​ 💐

Hello, everyone! This week was so packed 😁 why is it so fasssssst!!! 😅

For Pday, I spent it in the church kitchen 😂 made some Leche flans(to de-stress jk) while Sister Harris baked some cookies. Didn't mean to spend a ton of time in there but a member from Rangsit came and visited so we were just there for the entire afternoon! Aaaah she is so sweet (Sister Rose) ❤

We had Zone Conference last Tuesday and it was so good. Elder and Sister Whiddens gave a training about "Mental Health" and it was very educational. I don't think I know a lot about mental health จริงๆ​ so it has helped me be aware of my status and help other missionaries when they're feeling down or stressed too. I mean not just that but for other situations too. If you know the 'Adjusting to Missionary Life' book, I just want you to know that it's a really great Read! Missionary or not, stressed or not. I study it throughout my mission and it helps me assess or evaluate myself every now and then #naks จริง​ though
We were asked to give a training too! 😅 We trained on "Talking with 10 people a day" and giving Baptismal Commitments. I must say I learned a lot from all the missionaries. They are awesome.

Switched off with Sister Mittawong last Friday. It's her last one! We had a really great day and found some awesome people! I love it when I switch off with other sisters because I just learn a lot from them ❤️ Last Friday, we just focused our inviting and teaching on Christ and it made so much difference.

Yesterday we had our investigator couple come to International Ward since thats the time they're available. They are actually quite famous(singers and actors) and it was legit hard to make appointments with them because they have shows! A sister from church recognized them and took a photo with them. So it's way cool! They look super cuteeeeee too! 555

Last Wednesday, I needed to go to the hospital. So we were there for about 2 hours(did our studies) . I needed to have my throat checked because it's not feeling any better. Found out I had an inflamed throat and that there's an irritation. Feeling so much better now though! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Also, started meeting with some leaders, visiting them and getting to know them. It's very important because they are usually the key to knowing the area better. Any ideas on how to build relationships with church leaders? We want to serve them and know more about their conversion stories tooooo

For my studies this week, I am amazed how humble, meek, and submissive Jesus Christ is. In John 28:9 it says

//And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him//

He always shows us the example of exact obedience and yielding to the will of the Father. His sacrifice shows His love for Heavenly Father and also, For Us. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice. ❤️ Whenever I remember it, I know that we can be with Him and be like Him in small and simple ways or ทีละนิดทีละน้อย.​I learned that if we think more Christ-like, it'll reflect on our feelings and then to our actions.

I want to share about the security guard here in the Asoke Church. He's from another religious community but he works in our church. I was just so amazed because everyday, at a specific time, He'll lay his carpet on the ground, wear his special skirt and cap, and then he will kneel down and pray. He is not anywhere near their sacred building but he is so dedicated and doesn't really care where he is. He just deserves so much respect! It didn't matter where he was. His faith, I guess, didn't waver. It was an eye opener to me. Will we still keep the commandments if no ones even watching us? If we're in a foreign land? Or if our friends don't know our standards?

I learned that our faith and how we stand for what we believe in shows our love for our dear Heavenly Father. It doesn't matter where we are but there's a Supreme Being up there who can see our efforts. He knows us, loves us and will bless us according to our faith.

Have a great day, everyone!