อโศก​ Asoke

Hey everyone! Guess what? I'm back! I've been MIA (missing in Action) for a while but yeah here's another email from your favorite sister missionary here in ประเทศไทย​ ❤️ ใช่ไหม​555

So many things happened these past few weeks!

1. General Conference ❤️ I am not yet done watching all the sessions since it takes time to fit in studies (not just for myself but for our investigators) but I've read most of it! It was so inspiring จริงๆ​ One of my favorite talks was Elder Held's. He talked about how his family was prepared to receive the gospel. Made me realize that yeah, all of us indeed have personal experiences and journeys in receiving the Gospel of Christ. One important thing too is how he knew the Gospel through its fruits aka the members! I know that as members of the church, we should be examples to everyone. We are all not perfect but the best thing we can do in sharing the gospel is living it. Easier said than done but takes effort to do so. I'm not saying I'm excited to go home but I'm excited to say HI and fellowship investigators in my homeward. 😂❤

2. สงกรานต์​/SONGKRAN : yes! The water festival here!!! SO FUN! We had a long weekend here and had curfews after 6 since it's not quite safe to go out because everyone is like partying on the road at night. We went to สยาม​ Monday afternoon and played waterguns there 555

3. I JUST MOVED TO ASOKE อโศก​ 😲 probably the busiest and citi-ish area here in our mission. I thought I wouldn't be assigned here. Honestly I thought they would assign me back to RoiEt zone or probably out there biking again but nope, the Lord knows better! I love it here! There are so many people to talk with! At first, I was quite scared because I have problems crossing the road 555 but everything is safe now and always always staying safe!!! #safetyzone
I was assigned as one of the Sister Training Leaders and last Friday, I had my first switch offs. It was really great learning from other sisters. Aaaaah! LOVE THEM/!!! Last Wednesday we also had our MLC/ Missionary Leadership training. The Williams made pancakes and they made it so good 😍😊 the MLC was focused more on Baptismal Commitments and always focusing on Jesus Christ.

4. PRESIDENT BALLARD is coming on the 25th! We'll have a special meeting with the missionaries. Soooo that's something to look forward to. ❤️ Before that, Sister missionaries will have a special meeting too and we'll be talking about stuff that could help us serve better and be better!

5. Being Sick ป่วย​ - I never really get sick but this week, I just had a really sore throat and started to cough a lot every night. It was so itchy to the point that I wasn't getting enough sleep and I'm so เกรงใจ​ my Companion wouldn't be able to sleep because I cough a lot. So I just really relied on the Lord. Asked for a special blessing from our Mission President too and it really helped. I loved the blessing he gave. I'm starting to feel a lot better now.

6. Open the door?
Talked with a lot of people this week and it's interesting how there could be a variety of ways on how to reject our message. It always surprises me though. Like yesterday, we went to an investigator's house. She has a glass door so she could see us coming. We haven't even said a thing yet but she told us she's not free (even though we could see her just watching TV 555). And she didn't even open the door for us. So I'm guessing she thinks we can Lip read (which we can55) it was so awkward but anyway. We don't really take it personally. I know everyone has their agency but the important thing is, we share with people and give them the opportunity to choose whether or not they'll accept the message.

7. SAW MY COUSINS in the MRT 😍 aaaaah! So happy to see them again! I'm assigned to a Thai Ward but it's the same building for the International Ward too!!! (so if you're gonna visit Thailand I'll probably see you if you go to International Ward)
Got to see DYLAN, ate raz and fetfet2, Kuya Selmer and Kuya OG! It was a party. But we had appointments before church so didn't see them after that. But still!!! I'll see them every week! ❤

I don't know what else to say. You can email me until 6, btw!

This week, I've been studying the Topical Guide for Jesus Topics and it helps me know the Savior more. Here's one of the verses I liked

//Moses 1:33
And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten.//

I was studying about the Atonement of Christ and learned that it was infinite and intimate. ❤️ Infinite as it extends to an infinite number of people and worlds He had created. It is universal yet intimate and personal for it was made for each and every one of us - whatever our stories are 🙏🏻. It was made for you and me. It was infinite because the sacrifice made was beyond our understanding. So grateful that infinite blessings of this infinite atonement are very much accessible as we sincerely repent and keep His commandments!

The atonement covers everything. Whether it's spiritual or physical, He can heal us. ♥️ I don't think I understand everything about the Atonement but there's comfort in knowing that the Lord understands us.

I don't really have a challenge this week. But if you have extra 15 seconds in your prayer please include my Papa because he's kind of sick right now too. Thank you!

LOVE you all!


👑MY NEW companion 
👑Missionaries I've trained. Gonna miss themmmm
👑My cousins!!!
👑Saying goodbye to คลาริน​ and sister LOR


What's your Blood-type? ก๋วยเตี๋ยว​น้ำตก

HELLO, everyone! สบายดี​บ่​ 💕

Can I just say that I love my companion so much? She is super awesome and our transfer here in Rangsit has been full of Joy and we've been seeing so many miracles together. 👭 

As for my email title, I feel like half my body is now composed of ก๋วยเตี๋ยว​ and half of it is ก๋วยจั๊บ​😅 I've never had so much noodles in my mission. It's so good though. 555 one time we told ourselves we're not gonna eat ก๋วยเตี๋ยว​ for that day (padthai instead) and then it turned out the store was out of padthai but has ก๋วยเตี๋ยว​555 so we ate a different one instead. น้ำตก​ is still my favorite though. Anyway, Sister Lor is awesome. Sometimes, I forget she's a new missionary because she is just really great. We need to work on fitting our study times though because sometimes, we don't have that much time. Love studying though! For our companion study, we pray in our own Languages. She prays in Hmong, and I pray in Tagalog. 🇵🇭

Wednesday morning we went to an appointment with the elders so we can give them our investigator named ต้น. He's a taxi driver and was really interested. We met him Sunday night and we were his last customers. And then Monday morning, we went to play basketball with the members, we used a taxi and we saw him again! We were his first customers that day. It was weird, it was a miracle haha! He was talking a lot about faith too! The elders are taking care of him now. He brought his son to our Wednesday meeting too. 

We had a baptism last Saturday and it was so great. คลาริน​ is just so prepared. We went a little early to church so we can clean, print programs, and fill up the font. We also ate lunch together with her. I cooked sinigang for us 555 apparently, it was a little เปรี้ยว​ for her so the elders and my companion ate all of it. After that, the members started coming!

It was really a special day for คลาริน. Although it was raining, a lot of members came. ประธาน​วิสาน​/Wisan​ came too and was one of the speakers. Clarin wanted to give a testimony that can help other investigators who came to her baptism. But more than that, we told her to just speak from the heart. And she did. It was awesome. She prays everyday and diligently studies her scriptures. Yesterday, she went with the elders and helped teach their investigator! Aaah! I love her! 💕

One thing that I've learned this week is just taking time and being patient in all things- trusting in God's will and perfect timing. ♥️ Whether it's about investigators, language, the area, and everythingggg!

Mosiah 23:21 says
Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith

So.. สู้​ๆ​ everyone! 💙

This week is going to be busyyyy and also, fun! 555 we're going to Chiang Mai(North) tomorrow for switch offs and coming back on Thursday. I'm switching with Sister Cabangil, a Filipina here. We're pretty close so it'll be super fuuuun 55555 also, สงกรานต์​ Songkran or the water festival here is in the weekends. I'll tell you more about it next week.

LOVE you all!!!!



Braided Clarin's hair for her baptism 555

The rice photo + Durian got my stomach so upset for 3 days 5555 it was so spicy sobra anghang

Marched Through March

เฮ้​ everyone!

Last week was just so fast. I think everything is just faster now and my email title should actually be "where did March go?" because I feel like it was just February and now we're on to another month and another Transfer. That's crazyyy 🤯

แม่​ นุช's​ baptismal interview didn't push through because we felt like she needs more help and we should set her for success. I love her มากๆๆๆ. One of the baptismal interview questions includes willingness to take upon ourselves the name of Christ and Keep the commandments throughout our lives. She is already keeping the commandments and all the commitments that we gave her. เขา​ก็​ทำดี​อยู่แล้ว​จริงๆ​ But her concern is that, what if she can't go to church in the future? She is kind of sick and she is telling us about the possibility of not having the means of coming to church since no one can take her. We felt that she wants to keep the commandments but she has fears ความกลัว​ and worries. Have you ever felt like this? If you would share something with her, what would it be? ❤️ แบ่งปัน​ได้เลย

Also, it rained twice last week! I miss the rain! =) pero konti lang. 😅 Last Monday, Sister Lor and I decided to go to the Science Museum here in Rangsit. We went with Sister Rose again but we were kind of lost and went to a different museum. It's a museum for the King and the Royal family I'm not sure what it's called but it was super nice and educational. Haha she took us to Khlong 15 because she said there are a lot of trees and flowers over there hahaha it was so fun and I just really love her. 💐❤

This week is going to be a busy week. I'm so excited! Yesterday, there were baptisms at the church - 8 year-olds from member families. Their parents are so excited! 👨👩👧👦 When we were waiting for them to get dressed after the baptism, we just sang hymns together with the ward. We also sang Families Can Be Together Forever and it got me a little teary eyed 😂 anyway, I love the kids' testimony! They said "I know that Jesus Christ lives. I love Jesus Christ!" such simple statements but literally just mean everything. I don't think I really had a firm testimony of my own when I was baptized. I needed to work on it. I need to always always always work on it. We need to. But I know that those basic truths will help us as we enter into a covenant with God and as we strive to work on our own testimonies.

This week has been really great. I don't really have a challenge for this week but rather a favor 555 Do you have favorite talks on Faith? Or any talk that you like! Can you send me and lds link?
Thanks, everyone!

This weekend is general conference weekend so that's something to look forward to. Love y'all!