Marched Through March

เฮ้​ everyone!

Last week was just so fast. I think everything is just faster now and my email title should actually be "where did March go?" because I feel like it was just February and now we're on to another month and another Transfer. That's crazyyy 🤯

แม่​ นุช's​ baptismal interview didn't push through because we felt like she needs more help and we should set her for success. I love her มากๆๆๆ. One of the baptismal interview questions includes willingness to take upon ourselves the name of Christ and Keep the commandments throughout our lives. She is already keeping the commandments and all the commitments that we gave her. เขา​ก็​ทำดี​อยู่แล้ว​จริงๆ​ But her concern is that, what if she can't go to church in the future? She is kind of sick and she is telling us about the possibility of not having the means of coming to church since no one can take her. We felt that she wants to keep the commandments but she has fears ความกลัว​ and worries. Have you ever felt like this? If you would share something with her, what would it be? ❤️ แบ่งปัน​ได้เลย

Also, it rained twice last week! I miss the rain! =) pero konti lang. 😅 Last Monday, Sister Lor and I decided to go to the Science Museum here in Rangsit. We went with Sister Rose again but we were kind of lost and went to a different museum. It's a museum for the King and the Royal family I'm not sure what it's called but it was super nice and educational. Haha she took us to Khlong 15 because she said there are a lot of trees and flowers over there hahaha it was so fun and I just really love her. 💐❤

This week is going to be a busy week. I'm so excited! Yesterday, there were baptisms at the church - 8 year-olds from member families. Their parents are so excited! 👨👩👧👦 When we were waiting for them to get dressed after the baptism, we just sang hymns together with the ward. We also sang Families Can Be Together Forever and it got me a little teary eyed 😂 anyway, I love the kids' testimony! They said "I know that Jesus Christ lives. I love Jesus Christ!" such simple statements but literally just mean everything. I don't think I really had a firm testimony of my own when I was baptized. I needed to work on it. I need to always always always work on it. We need to. But I know that those basic truths will help us as we enter into a covenant with God and as we strive to work on our own testimonies.

This week has been really great. I don't really have a challenge for this week but rather a favor 555 Do you have favorite talks on Faith? Or any talk that you like! Can you send me and lds link?
Thanks, everyone!

This weekend is general conference weekend so that's something to look forward to. Love y'all!


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