18 months and Beyond!!!


Yesss! It felt really fast. Our week was so packed and I just want to say I missed my companion a lot! 555 After Tuesday, we were with other sisters because of Switchoffs! We only planned to switch off/exchange companions for Thursday and Saturday but was asked to kind of "surprise switch off" with some sisters. 

My companion just did her Visa work in the morning and switched off that day too and is so down to travel at night. 

18 MONTH MARK this week!!!!

สวัสดีจร้าาา Hi!!!

It's been raining a lot here in Bangkok and I like it! เย็นๆดี 

We worked and had service this morning that's why I'm emailing just now!!! This afternoon, we watched Jensen play the piano for free 555 because he plays in concerts, apparently. Like recitals... We just met him yesterday and he's really nice!!! We went with the international sisters

This morning we helped sister Bee pack her stuff and carry it to the post office. I'm going to miss her so much!!!!  she's moving to Chiang Rai so I won't be seeing her for the next few weeks BUT we'll videocall!!!! 


Hello everyone!

Wasn't able to email last week but hey, I'm still here!

It was a really great week! BYU Vocal Point was in Thailand and had a benefit concert and devotional which we were all able to attend to. (brought our Rcs and Investigators with us) The concert last Friday was so fun. It was kind of weird to be there after a year and a half of being a missionary Haha their devotional yesterday plus their testimonies were spirit-filled and so inspiring!  I just love their voices