18 MONTH MARK this week!!!!

สวัสดีจร้าาา Hi!!!

It's been raining a lot here in Bangkok and I like it! เย็นๆดี 

We worked and had service this morning that's why I'm emailing just now!!! This afternoon, we watched Jensen play the piano for free 555 because he plays in concerts, apparently. Like recitals... We just met him yesterday and he's really nice!!! We went with the international sisters

This morning we helped sister Bee pack her stuff and carry it to the post office. I'm going to miss her so much!!!!  she's moving to Chiang Rai so I won't be seeing her for the next few weeks BUT we'll videocall!!!! 

I had a really great week. It was so fast!!! I'll miss being super tired but sleep really sounds good too lols. We got to switchoff with 2 other sister companionship last week! I got to be with sister Yu and Sister Seksunsin. Aaaah! I love them!!!  Sister Yu is such an awesome teacher. I love how she uses the scriptures everytime we teach and in answering our investigator's questions. Sister Sek is great too and always teaches by the Spirit!

We had a walk-in last Wednesday. Her name is ไข่มุก and she's super cute! She's thought of going inside the church a lot times before but that's the first time she decided she actually want to learn more. She's progressing really well. Came to church last Sunday and stayed longer than we did. 555 

In 3 days, I'll hit my 18 Month Mark and that's the craziest thing ever! So grateful for the extra 3 weeks of being here and serving the people of Thailand. 🇹🇭 This week, I read a verse that's very simple but pretty much described my purpose here. It said,

8 In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah. (Psalm 44)

I just cant help but feel joy and happiness in helping the Lord in His work. Soooo much grateful for this opportunity to be an instrument in proclaiming the Gospel and helping people come into Christ🙏🏻 It's never easy but to be able to work with the Lord makes everything worth it. 18 months for eternal lessons I've learned??? So worth it!!! 

This week, my challenge for you is to Boast!!! Hahaha not of ourselves but to boast of our God, boast of His presence because with Him... everything is possible. 

Love you all!!! Keeping this short! 

Sister กาการิน

🥨Jensen playing classical music
🥨what I eat everyday!!! Hahaha (cook my own food!)
🥨Elder Simbit - served in our ward before
🥨sister Cheska went home แล้ว so we had to take a photo together
🥨sister Linda
🥨the Central people trynna clean the building

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