Thailand Bangkok Mission

Who would've thought that 18 months would be that fast? This week was a lot of work! ต้องทำให้มากตลอด I'll say it's so ดีมากๆ it's such a good week and a great way to end a transfer and to end a full time mission! I am so happy and excited and also, kind of sad to leave Thailand tomorrow. 

The past 2 weeks have been sooo wonderful. I am just genuinely so happy about the work and for all the people we are teaching. They are amazing and it would be hard to leave them but I know that the Lord's work will continue and His trusted servants would help the people of Thailand ต่อไป. I'm blessed for this opportunity โอกาส to serve them too! 

One of my most favorite days in the mission was last Friday night with my cousins (ate Raz, KUya Selmer, KUya Ogie, and Dylan). The night was spirit filled and we talked a lot about families and the temple. I love my cousins and just sharing about the importance of God's House makes me believe in eternities even more. Learned a lot from everyone's testimonies on being a child of God. I am so grateful to be one of Heavenly Father's children. Knowing that my Father is a God helps me realize that I have a divine potential and that I can be like Him someday. I know that whatever our mistakes are, He is willing to reach out to us when we try to do our part too. I cannot be more grateful for the gospel and the purpose it brings to our lives. It gives us direction and helps us know where we should direct our lives to. Isn't it comforting? - to know where we're heading and to know who we can be with? That's like the best gift ever, right? Eternal happiness with the ones we love the most. I know that God's greatest blessings are received in the temple. 

Sunday was memorable. I didn't cry, that was new 555 but made sure to hug all the พวกแม่s because I just love them so much. I just love Asoke a looooot.  
We had a baptism and I am so happy for Sister Pie พาย. She has so much faith and and so much love! The baptismal program run so smoothly because everyone has their own parts. Soooo good! I just saw how the members helped each other and how they showed their love for sister พาย. My last Sunday in country was the best one. I felt like it was right. I know that I did my best and served the Lord with all that I can (and with all the help from Him too!)  

The mission was the best journey ever. At some point, I thought nothing will ever be this good but it opened my eyes to the goodness that God has in store for us. There's so much more out there and there will be better days, I'm sure! I'm so so grateful that I went on my mission when I did. 

I enjoyed my mission! It wasn't just always hard. Although, it is really. It was a beautiful challenge through hardwork and trust. I learned that I would only be able to do this once, at least, this type. So I would like it to memorable. I tried to make it more wore worth it. And yes, it was so worth it. I've seen the hand of the Lord guide me and support me. I've seen Him do miracles and soften people's hearts. Even mine. I love Him. He knows me a lot! He knows I can be impatient. He knows I probably would doubt myself sometimes. He also knows I can be a lil stubborn. Or, maybe a lot. He knows I'm imperfect. He know I have my weaknesses. But, guess what? The Lord truly does love the weak. And I love Him for that. He perfectly knows my strengths and he showed me those things. He knows I cannot do this alone and so He helped me. HE perfectly knows that I can NOT stay the same way as I was before my mission and so He directed me. How can I not love my Savior? There's no way!  I thank Him for His Atonement, for His sacrifice. I know that it is not only for the weak but for everyone who is trying to become a better person. It is for families who wants to be together forever. It is for everyone who needs so much love and so much hope. The Atonement is real and it is a gift. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father has given us our Savior Jesus Christ. 

My mission is a blessing! I got to know so many people from all walks of life. Most of them doesn't know who Christ is and I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce the Savior to them. I have come to know and come closer to my Savior too. I know He lives and lives me.

Thailand Bangkok Mission is The Best Mission. For me. The Lord knows perfectly we would grow where we are assigned. That's only because we are willing to go wherever the Lord needs us. This is where I grew and it helped me so much. Helped me understand why temples, families, and commandments are essential to our happiness. I love Thailand. There's always a special part in my heart who screams สวัสดีคะ  

I love you all. I know that this church is true.The gospel changes lives.I know that my Savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ, lives! We all need the Atonement in our lives. I love my Father in Heaven. I know that He knows all of us personally. I testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I know that as we search the Book of Mormon, seek His words, ponder and pray, we will have a sure testimony that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives. 

I love you all!
I need to finish packing my stuff so this is a little quick. You are all awesome!!!


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