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Hi, everyone! It's me again, and I've really missed writing on my blog. I haven't had the chance to really post about any of my experiences for the past months, but believe it or not, a lot of things happened. I actually drafted a whole blog post about a life update but it now feels very irrelevant since I wrote that 2 months ago pa.

Situations here and there have escalated so quickly. We started the year here in the Philippines with an erupting volcano and now we have this spreading disease. This pandemic really brought a heavy toll on us. I know it goes for every country but I guess I can only speak about the things we're experiencing here in my own.

As you all know, the Philippines is just a developing country, and a lot of people can't afford to just sit still and stay at home while in lockdown or enhanced community quarantine. The government also doesn't have much concrete plans on how to combat this disease. I guess a lot of people also don't follow the rules while we're in this situation. With that said, our number of cases just keeps on going up and it adds up to the uncertainty that the future holds.

Just recently, some of the people I know lost their loved ones and it's such a difficult time for that. We can't visit them and they also can't really hold funerals since there are a lot of precautionary measures at this time. The least we could do is comfort them and minister digitally — pray for them too.

I have learned so many things while in quarantine. Indeed, there are so many things we lost access to but I thought that so many people don't even have access to a lot of stuff even though there's no ECQ or lockdown. Not everyone has the same privilege as ours. The least we could do is share and serve them.

Somehow, staying at home has been the new normal. Every day is almost the same but I know we just have to be more patient with ourselves — or with the situation. I want to be more patient with myself and with my everyday expectations. It can be a struggle to just stay at home — saying this about so many aspects. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm excited about that.

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