5 Important Lessons That I Learned Last Month

We are already halfway through November but today, I'd just like to share some things that I realized last month. I was supposed to do a blogtober but my work got the best of me and I missed it. As a writer and as part of a creative team, last month was way too much of a creative juice. I felt almost mentally drained that writing on my own space would feel a little dragging. It's weird and ironic because right now, as I write this, I feel like I wanna share so much of my life lately. Have you ever felt that way?

Well, here are the things that October has taught me:

1. There's joy in the ordinary.

There are moments in our lives when things just seem simple and ordinary, when every day feels like a routine. It's just like crossing off days from the calendar and not being all there. Sometimes, it would just be easier to be swayed by time and just go along with how quickly the days go by but I realized that there are a lot more wonderful things to appreciate in my "everyday". 

Nothing beats quality time with family and friends and being all there, enjoying the moment. Quick catch-ups are always counted. Making friends at work, which is online, is still as fun. I found out that cats could really be cuter than dogs and I have enjoyed fun times with our pet Frodo. We're also taking care of some love birds now, apparently. Waiting for them to lay eggs feels like an eternity but they now part of my day. Taking simple walks and drives or playing tennis has been a getaway and reminds me that you can turn ordinary into something more memorable and enjoyable.

2. There are so many more Fried Chicken recipes out there that you'll love.

Yeah. You know what? There's a big difference when it comes to frying a boiled chicken, thawed cuts, and frozen ones. Also, there's the Korean recipe, Lollipops, or just frying marinated ones. There's a whole bunch of recipes that could save our dinner. hahaha! That's when I can't think of something to cook anymore and I need to make one in between meetings. Love fried chicken though!

3. Time heals.

I never would use this statement coz it's so cliché but I admit, it's really true. All the stress and challenges, though not enjoyable, will always pass as time moves on. The past months have been creatively challenging (work) but looking back, it's amazing how God just knows how to always help. Looking forward, there are new sets of challenges but I'm more ready to face it. Yayyyy 

4. There's comfort in times of uncertainty.

Who doesn't hunger for certainty? I think we all crave that at some point in our lives just as how we crave food, right? Well, the reality is... the future really is uncertain right now but knowing that made me more present in what's happening NOW. Whether it's about work, family, finances, or relationships, every little thing that we do NOW contributes to what the future is going to be. I learned to savor my time and just take one step at a time. I learned how to trust more. Trust God, myself, and people. 

What gives you a moment of peace when there's a lot going on?

5. Surrounding yourself with happy people makes you happy. 

So, my family surrounds me every single day and I'm thankful they are such happy people. Believe me or not, I try to annoy and make them laugh every day. LOL Grateful for friends too who are always there. I love it when people genuinely care. 

November is a whole new level of life lessons but we'll save that for later. Thanks! I would also love to hear about your experiences. Comment them below! :)


  1. You have some great lessons here that we could all take and apply to our lives. Like you, I have really started to refocus on the here and now, finding that comfort that I still have in life without allowing the uncertainty of the current situation to take everything over. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I completely agree with number 5. Being around happy people makes a huge difference. I notice it even more when I'm put with someone who is negative a lot of the time. Happy people make a huge difference to my every day life and how I see and view different situations.

  3. Love this list! Time does heal, I often still think about my dad who is no longer here. But I have realized that if I hold onto to happy moments it really helps. Thank you for these reminders.

    Stephanie S

  4. I agree with these lessons. Finding joy in the ordinary is definitely a recipe for happiness, and one that will make life so much easier than constantly chasing special or extraordinary moments. They come to us when we least expect it.

  5. I find a lot of joy in the ordinary too. For example a rainy day and the opportunity to get drenched reminds me so much of my childhood. So I don't waste the opportunity whenever it is possible. I feel happy being alone and also equally happy with happy people around. Nice thoughts to ponder over.

  6. Great lessons to think of. you are very wise too. ordinary things are very important to be thankful for

  7. My favorite thing on this list is finding joy in the ordinary. Last night I was sitting in my office and writing in a journal. My cat has a bed right next to my desk. I made it out of an old nightstand, and he gets to curl up inside of it and sleep next to me while I'm working. I couldn't help but smile as I looked down at him last night when I heard him snoring. It is such a mundane thing, my cat snoring. But it definitely made me smile because it is so familiar, and that can be comforting.

  8. Sounds like you've been able to somehow raise your vibrations over the last month. To answer your question about uncertainty and peace - I feel peaceful when I just sit and observe the sounds happening outside me and within me. I remember that I am home within my body and my soul. I can always return there.

  9. I could not agree with you more on all these points. sometimes it takes reflection to realise exactly what we have x

  10. There are so many lessons I wish I had learned while I was young enough to appreciate and apply them. The thing with wisdom, and often with life lessons in general, is that they’re learned in retrospect, long after we needed them. The good news is that other people can benefit from our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned.


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