what what what?
I just can't believe that I have met Patricia Prieto! FYI: she's my favorite fashion blogger and the event made me so happy that i have hugged and talked to her!!! :) ugh! you guys will never understand how grateful I am to have experienced this kind of thing :)

I've been tweeting with her before the event and told her it's my birthday and the free pass was an early birthday gift from her :)  It flatters me so much that until now, i'm still thinking about it (that she greeted me both in twitter and in person!). she tweeted me that i should go to her booth and claim my birthday hug from her. Right after the event's doors open, I immediately looked for her booth (because I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of people looking for her too)
and just as I did, I looked for a skirt first so that I'll be able to approach her. I asked her how much does it cost and she told me the price. then, I told her that I'm Jasmine and I was really happy that she already knew me. we went to the hugs hugs hugs part and chatted for a bit! she said I can keep the skirt as her gift to me and I just died at that part. KIDDING! :) I can just die out of flattery! HAHA
one of the best parts is that she looked for her polaroid cam in her bag and took a photo of us. she said I can keep the photo too! :) and that is just the start of my story coz i'll definitely go to BU7! :)


 this is the photo from her. (yes, i know I look soooo weird. ok? haha)

this is the skirt from her :)

I've been so clingy, I'm sorry! hahahaha
the peg is like "reunited sisters after years of separation" :)

and look! i have met this super nice couple too!
Dani Barretto and Mikyle Quizon


I went to the event with my cousin and also with y super blogger friend :)

PARISIAN Rendezvous


 I think I have mentioned that we had a "sem-ender" party last week on my last post. so as promised, (and thankfully i got away from being idle...) here are some of the photos. :) forgive me if some are blurred or kinda dark! It's just that, editing is a very time consuming thing to do and I only have a little time to blog...

The party is only exclusive to the whole ABE family - it is supposed to be a welcome party for freshies but turned  out to be just an acquaintance party for all English Majors after a semester full of work. 

                   I came to the party together with my Friends. In fact, we prepared for this event in one place. Well, It's really more fun to get ready for a party like this with these people who give suggestions and jokes about your outfit. hahaha dilemma, it is >.<  BTW, It;s Seatiel's Birthday too and for us... this party is for him!!! 

SEE? It really looked like it was his party!!! He won the title: "DANCING KING"
well, Good for him, It was his birthday and we are all happy for him ;)

alex with the spiderman moves :)

Jean with her Cleopatra pose

Genesis with the Kryz Uy shoes. Oh my I forgot the freaking Important brand of your shoes and the Camille Co necklace. I'm so jelly about this HAHAHA

AND our ves, Shara with her transformed blogger pose!!! Im so proud of yah! haha

Too close? haha I think I really need a haircut 

and since there is no time for more descent outfit shots... here are the photos! can you see the similarities between my poses? :
          This was a rush decision of mix and matching because I had a hard time looking for something Parisian inspired outfit. (which goes with the party's theme: Parisian Rendezvous) but i think it went pretty well and was complimented. :) thanks. I really love the socks which I purchased from Dickies. I've been eyeing this for weeks and finally I already have them. 


Shane and Wrenz  - with their Egyptian Costume

 These are the oh so confident and Hardcore dancers. OMG :)

Vincent's look - sexy

why am i pointing here?

me - dancing with my two left foot in robotic style hahaha

It was really a night of having fun, dancing and shaking of all the stress spirits after a semester of full of Linguistic stuffs! and maths too. and science!!! hahaha

Christmas Madness ♥

          2012 has been one of the best years of my life! i enjoyed it. and i'm so glad i ended it with my family together with my lovely cousins. :) some of them went all the way from Bangkok and Vietnam. It's so funny and awesome that we also share the same passion which is Fashion! :)

I miss being with them and even dressing up with these lovely ladies! :)

This is my grandmother! the one who wears the light blue dress. the one with the black one is my aunt. we are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

When I posted this photo in Facebook, it hit a lot of comments and likes. they said it was like the movie of SOSY Problems if i'm not mistaken! :) hahahahaha I really had fun taking pictures with them! aren't they so gorgeous?!

I wore this awesome polka-dotted dress which is so comfy. I can't wear this without blazers that's why it took me a hard time looking for one and i'm so glad i ended up with this blue blazer and i'm pretty glad it worked well. 

these necklaces are amazing! It's a head turner i think 'cause when people see it, they'll really think it's awesome and so classy :)

Another reason why I love this dress :) it's so flowy (is there a word like that? hahahaha)

Anyway, the day was completely enjoyable and fun. I'm looking forward to a much better and happier Christmas on 2013.


To Infinity And Beyond! TIAB