PARISIAN Rendezvous


 I think I have mentioned that we had a "sem-ender" party last week on my last post. so as promised, (and thankfully i got away from being idle...) here are some of the photos. :) forgive me if some are blurred or kinda dark! It's just that, editing is a very time consuming thing to do and I only have a little time to blog...

The party is only exclusive to the whole ABE family - it is supposed to be a welcome party for freshies but turned  out to be just an acquaintance party for all English Majors after a semester full of work. 

                   I came to the party together with my Friends. In fact, we prepared for this event in one place. Well, It's really more fun to get ready for a party like this with these people who give suggestions and jokes about your outfit. hahaha dilemma, it is >.<  BTW, It;s Seatiel's Birthday too and for us... this party is for him!!! 

SEE? It really looked like it was his party!!! He won the title: "DANCING KING"
well, Good for him, It was his birthday and we are all happy for him ;)

alex with the spiderman moves :)

Jean with her Cleopatra pose

Genesis with the Kryz Uy shoes. Oh my I forgot the freaking Important brand of your shoes and the Camille Co necklace. I'm so jelly about this HAHAHA

AND our ves, Shara with her transformed blogger pose!!! Im so proud of yah! haha

Too close? haha I think I really need a haircut 

and since there is no time for more descent outfit shots... here are the photos! can you see the similarities between my poses? :
          This was a rush decision of mix and matching because I had a hard time looking for something Parisian inspired outfit. (which goes with the party's theme: Parisian Rendezvous) but i think it went pretty well and was complimented. :) thanks. I really love the socks which I purchased from Dickies. I've been eyeing this for weeks and finally I already have them. 


Shane and Wrenz  - with their Egyptian Costume

 These are the oh so confident and Hardcore dancers. OMG :)

Vincent's look - sexy

why am i pointing here?

me - dancing with my two left foot in robotic style hahaha

It was really a night of having fun, dancing and shaking of all the stress spirits after a semester of full of Linguistic stuffs! and maths too. and science!!! hahaha

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