what what what?
I just can't believe that I have met Patricia Prieto! FYI: she's my favorite fashion blogger and the event made me so happy that i have hugged and talked to her!!! :) ugh! you guys will never understand how grateful I am to have experienced this kind of thing :)

I've been tweeting with her before the event and told her it's my birthday and the free pass was an early birthday gift from her :)  It flatters me so much that until now, i'm still thinking about it (that she greeted me both in twitter and in person!). she tweeted me that i should go to her booth and claim my birthday hug from her. Right after the event's doors open, I immediately looked for her booth (because I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of people looking for her too)
and just as I did, I looked for a skirt first so that I'll be able to approach her. I asked her how much does it cost and she told me the price. then, I told her that I'm Jasmine and I was really happy that she already knew me. we went to the hugs hugs hugs part and chatted for a bit! she said I can keep the skirt as her gift to me and I just died at that part. KIDDING! :) I can just die out of flattery! HAHA
one of the best parts is that she looked for her polaroid cam in her bag and took a photo of us. she said I can keep the photo too! :) and that is just the start of my story coz i'll definitely go to BU7! :)


 this is the photo from her. (yes, i know I look soooo weird. ok? haha)

this is the skirt from her :)

I've been so clingy, I'm sorry! hahahaha
the peg is like "reunited sisters after years of separation" :)

and look! i have met this super nice couple too!
Dani Barretto and Mikyle Quizon


I went to the event with my cousin and also with y super blogger friend :)


  1. That even look so fun ^^
    Good for you!!
    And that's skirt is soo pretty too


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