Opening a Mission Call - A Personal Decision

Waiting for mission calls is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking moments in the lives of prospective missionaries. Yup, I’m going on a mission. I am going to serve a mission. I finally decided to process my papers for missionary application last June and it’s been the best decision so far. Sisters aren’t really required nor obliged to go but it is always wonderful when they decide to. As for me, I felt the Spirit. I knew I have to go. So, I will. Mission will never go wrong with anyone.
Going on a mission is a very personal decision, for me. I can still remember how I told my parents about it and how they responded. :) The rest is history. Someday, I’ll be telling that story – the story which is very special and dear to me. I can only tell you of how Heavenly Father loves me/us and how blessed we are to have our own parents. I’m truly grateful for that.
Our stake president gave me my mission call yesterday. I think it took a month until I finally received it. The moment I saw my call packet, I knew the feeling is better than being a kid again who is excited for a piece of candy. It reminded me of the moment I was baptized. It was pure happiness.

To anyone here who had the same experience, you’ll know how thrilling it could be to finally open it. How you’re going to open your mission packet depends on you. It’s your decision to make. It's something you'll remember forever because it happens only once in a missionary's life. 

Did you decide to read it first on your own?

Kneeling down to pray and open the call in the serenity of my room was the initial plan. I wanted to make it more personal and spiritual experience.

Did you read it from the pulpit? 

As for me, I did not want to read mine in front of everyone. It would put a lot of pressure on me and I really want to make it more personal. :)

Did you decide to invite some friends and relatives to celebrate your call together?

                This is what happened yesterday. The happiness that I felt was something that I wanted to share with my relatives and some close family friends. We were so happy, excited and nervous yesterday. It was really something to celebrate. I knew everyone would be happy wherever I’ll go because that is where I am needed and that is where God wants me to go.

                My brother (who is currently in Cebu) and my cousins wanted me to go live on facebook so they could witness it. Sadly, it happened so fast! Hahaha We had no time to video call with them. My aunts and uncles have been waiting for 3 hours already. Here’s a video clip of what happened last night:

Thanks to my younger brother who captured the moment.

It doesn’t matter how you open your mission call as long as it is your personal decision. I chose to invite some close friends to celebrate my call with and had a simple dinner after. It was a very memorable night. It was something I’ll cherish forever. 

will report to the
Provo Missionary Training Center
on December 19, 2017

If you're an RM or a prospective missionary who opened a mission call already, I would love to know how your mission call opening went. :) leave a comment below!  


  1. I want to share my experience when i receive my mission call. It is the most spiritual experience when i receive my mission call, all are worth it!. Before i sent my application form in my mission i prepare my self spiritually reading scriptures even the book of mormon. And work with the full-time missionaries, actually my stake president told me if im not finish to read the book of mormon he will never let me in, in the mission field because he said that this is one of my instrument to bring them and get nearer to our master and help them become converted to the gospel.
    My calling that time in our ward is ward missionary and sectetary in young men and given a special call as a dance trainor for the upcoming jubilee 2011, as i prepare my self spiritually and physically some of the members help me to those what i need in my mission, i don't ask anything to them but i see their effort and contribution how important to them to serve God. All my medical are free even my dental i feel all are favor with God. I fast every week to those souls that i will encounter to my future mission field. i never dream or ask God where i will sent him but to trust him what area he sent me, im sure he needs me what area it is.
    nov 2010 when i receive my mission call saturday, all are glad that this is it!, to serve in the vineyard of our master.
    I open my mission call, my fellowshipper and with my bishop and friends in the church are their to see where i will serve, i can't express my feelings that moment, and i cant belive that God trust me in his vineyard to help those souls who did not hear the truthfulness of the Gospel of our Savior. My heart is full of joy and love when i receive and read that i will labor and serve in Philipines Cebu Mission i feel the spirit that time. My mother also she is happy when she hear that call that i serve in Cebu this is one of her favorite place.
    I never doubt i never think anything but i look at the sky to say just help me to acomplish this job and help peoples to touch their hearts in our message.
    I fast also to those my future companion even to my mission president. I want to testify to my beloved brethren and sisters who want to serve our savior Jesus Christ, the field is white already to harvest i know that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. The secret in mission is love those people you teach act as true deciple of our master and take upon his name as true representative of Christ. I testify to those who will serve with God will bless their lives, they will know much the meaning of atonement in their life even the plan of salvation.You will feel the pure love of Christ for this people you teach, as i wear my name tag and look one by one to those people outside they need the Gospel, they need our Savior, we are hope of israel. To those who will serve as full-time missionary prepare spiritually, For God need your worthiness in his vineyard i know this things are true and i leave my experience and testimony in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

    1. Wow brother this is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. Maski ako super blessed na di masyado gumastos sa medical and dental. Malaking tulong din iyon. And also, the support of our beloved brethren and sisters. I know that God will help us through everything. He truly loves us. I am now excited to serve a mission and motivated to dedicate my life and time to the Lord's work. Congratulations on your mission. Keep inspiring future missionaries!

  2. I had never read a post on this. I guess it must have been quite emotional yet full of joy! good luck on your mission!

  3. I'm not familiar with this concept at all but it's so amazing reading you articulating your feelings about it. It seems like such a profound experience :)

  4. My youngest son's mission call took 2 years for him to receive. His branch president kept his application in his office table. I didn't know his reason of doing that. Not until we'd our district conference in which I refered it to the Mission President, my son's application was signed by the mission president. Now my son is a returned after serving in the Butuan Philippines Mission sometime in 2009. Right now he got a job and is married at the Cebu Philippines Temple.

    Good luck and God bless in your mission.

  5. Good luck on your mission,. It's such a noble act to choose the missionary lifestyle and a bolder one to go on a mission. I'm looking forward to hear what happens on your mission.

  6. There is no other thing that will make you really happy than knowing that you are serving God with the best of you. Young ones are loved by God passionately, giving our all to Him with our whole mind, soul, and heart at this young age will make our lives more meaningful and blessed

  7. The experience you are talking about is not familiar to me but I can feel your excitement when reading your article. At first I thought you were a Catholic nun, but then I realized that this was the practice of another religion. Very interesting to learn about this.

  8. This is beautiful! To be able to do God's service is such a joy! Congrats!!! Good to know that you're going to go! Looking forward to read more about on your blog about how it goes with the mission service.


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