Provo MTC 1st Week: Best Christmas Ever!

Hi, everyone! I just had the best week ever!

December 22, 2017

I arrived safely here at Provo MTC. I had about 30 hours of travel and yes, it was very tiring. Spending December 22 for like 2 days feels so weird but I'm really happy I'm here now! I had such a massive headache from PH to Japan. and the worst is my meds were in my checked baggage so yeah, had to endure it, hahaha! I tried to watch and listen to the plane entertainment (TV and some music) but I realized I'm not allowed to so I did not do it, hahaha. I realized I should really be obedient. 😃 Japan to Portland was a 9-hour flight and I'm so happy I slept most of the time... When we arrived in Portland, my headache was gone so the sleep was such a good thing, but it was really so cold (hahaha) and I met 1 sister from Utah who served in Baguio. It was really nice talking to her but we parted at the SLC airport. Btw, I traveled with one of the elders from my District who is also a Filipino, Elder Pastores...