Provo MTC Week 3

Sawatdee kha!!!

It's been a great week! (um, I think I say that all the time haha)

I feel like this week went by so fast... but I have 6 more weeks here in the MTC. Our Phii Thais left yesterday and it was so sad! They're going to Thailand now so it'll be just me and Sister Mader in our room. We don’t even have neighbors anymore and almost everyone on our floor left so it was really quite weird ☺ It's Tuesday here today, our PDAY. We can’t go to the temple this morning since I have a dental appointment outside MTC. I’m not so sure what it will be about though...

Provo MTC Week 2: Happy New Year!!!

This is our whole zone! All missionaries who are going to serve in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand!
The older districts will leave soon...

Sawaadii kha!


It's been a great week!!! Tiring, but still great!!! 😊

So there's something I forgot to say in my last email that's really important... I shook hands with David Archuleta!!! Hahaha OK, that's it!

So, this week was really draining I'm not even kidding sometimes I’m wondering why I'm still awake in class or how I’m still able to do a lot of things. We have 6 hours of Thai Class everyday and 3 hours of personal/companionship and additional language study. I'm definitely learning a lot and I'm so thankful to be a missionary and I can do all these things!!! Hahaha!