Provo MTC Week 6: Missions are Forever

This week has gone by really fastttttttt!!!! Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days! The good thing is... We only have 3 more weeks!

Happy Happy birthday to my beautiful MAMA!!! <3 Love you!

Tomorrow, we're going to have Nong Thais (New Thai District). We're gonna be the Phii Thaiis (older Thai District)! Yaaa! We’re the Alpha! hahahaha Just kidding! I wonder if we're going to have roommates though :) It's either the Cambodian or Thai District! I'll let you know! :) 

Today has been great so far. We went to the temple for the 
6:40 session and had "celestial" breakfast, as we call it. Because it's so much better than the MTC food :) I'm doing the laundry as I type so yeah multi-tasking at its finest. I'm currently listening to "Tiny Voice" By Lexi Walker. I’m not sure about the name of the song but look it up it's really nice! It tells about how important our voices are - shared with kindness and love! Sometimes, we feel like we aren't heard by people or no one is listening to us. But truth is... there is. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always listening to us. And they want us to share this voice as long as it is partnered with kindness and love! Share the good things that you want to say. :) 

Yesterday, we had interviews with our branch president. They are thanking us for being a good missionary and for all the service and how excited they are for us. I felt like it was already the end of my 18-month mission! hahaha and then I came into my senses and realized I only had 6 weeks here hahahaha! I'll miss my district! We are like a family now! Today, we set a goal to go to the temple together. And we did! That was Fun.

Last Sunday, we watched this old talk from Elder Holland and it's the BEST. It's called Missions are Forever. That's the best I've seen so far for our movie nights. It talks about how important it is to be obedient in our missions. It was a very straightforward, informative and inspiring talk. Missionary work is not easy because Salvation is not a cheap experience. That was my favorite line from his talk because it is so true. I learned that If there's only one convert in your mission, It's okay as long as it's you...

I want to end this email by telling you Phrapuupencaw Rag Raw! God loves us. Rely on Him, Act in Faith and He'll always help us. I don't have much to say this week... hehehe but if you have questions just email me and I'll reply on Tuesday!

Love you all!

Sidtee Gagarin ❤

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