Maha Sarakham Week 4 & 5

Teaching YSAs a different version of "I Am a Child of God"
Hello, everyone!

I'm still here! yes I wasn't able to email for the past two weeks only because there isn't much time. Last week, we had zone pday and zone conference. and this week, we switched our pday to wednesday because we had appointments last monday (which is reaaaalllyyy important) :) So here I am, emailing in the middle of the week! hahaha!

So much has happened though! Thailand got super excited for the Thailand Bangkok Temple as they have just released THE PHOTO last week which you can see here:

MahaSarakham Week 3

สวัสดีค่ะ! เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง? :)

This week felt really long! We had to go to different places and stayed less in our area but... We have to work hard to find people! 

Last Monday night, we flew to Bangkok because of work permits. It's so good to see my district again! Also, we stayed at SisterMader and Sister Munro's apartment. It was great seeing them. So Tuesday was more of an 8 hr bus ride back to Mahasarakam. We were kind of late for English Class but we met these 2 amazing girls and we might teach them next week if they have free time. But they are potentials! :)

Mahasarakham Week 1 & 2

Hello, everyone!

The past week went by super fast! Just like how my biking has gotten faster these past few days! hahahaa I can still remember last week, I was really having a hard time biking but now I've gotten better at it :)

I just want to say, I love Mahasarakham! The people here are super nice and sharing the gospel is so worth it hahaha! If ever they reject you, they reject you in a good way which is um, nice :) This week, I worked more on the language studies and finding people! Me and my companion sings hymns everyday and reads from the Book of Mormon every day too! I think I've gotten better on reading this week. We had a BOM class with the ward and I haven't been more nervous to read from the BOM hahahaha because everyone listens to your Thai and they will correct you, which is good.