Thailand Week 1: Rider in Mahasarakham! Isan Sisters!!!

Sawatdee Kha!!!!!

Hello, everyone! I'm already in Thailand. I honestly don't know how to organize my email because so much has happened for the past two weeks and I don't even have a photo to send! hahahaha Im so sorry it's just that I dont have time to take photos im always biking hahahaha

So we had super long flights from Utah, to Chicago to Hong Kong then Finally in Thailand! Our mission president and his wife are so great they let us sleep in for two days which is great and I got a total of 10 hours of sleep for my second day WHICH IS AWESOME!!!!! and they fed us with so much Thai food. I love Thai Food!!! so for our first day, we went to Lumpini Park then to the health clinic to have our blood tested. No big deal, It's just that they got so much blood hahahahah while on the way there we tried talking to some people. we tried to talk to this random guy I was with someone who's Thai so im leaving the conversation to her BUT THEN the man started talking to me and I clearly cant understand him then he laughed and grabbed me in the arm which is so scary. someone grabbed me in the arm on my first day. Turned out that he's kinda from Bangladesh or something and we can't understand him. It was such a crazy experience. but all is good now.

On our second day it was so fun knowing who our trainers are going to be! I'm with Sister Pherson! She is so amazing. She's from Alaska!!! She helps out with basically everything. We love love love seeting goals haahaha we have a miracle board and so many miracles happen when we go out inviting! Our investigators are super cute and we might have a baptism on Saturday which is fun!
I'll definitely miss Sister Mader! and I think I might see her later this week together with the district.:)

BTW I'm now in Mahasarakham!!! 8 hours from the heart of Thailand. This is like a province! less people and it's not that hot compared to bangkok. I got a bike and a phone, btw. So I pretty much bike everyday so it was a great thing that I ate too much in the MTC. I played the piano last Sunday which is cool. The members are so great! I love them! (even though I don't understand most of what they're saying. But I love talking with them I just realized I need to set goals on my language plans Coz I really want to understand them! It's so different from the MTC! So for those who are there, take advantage of your study time and really study because sometimes you will no have time to just sit down in the field!

But yeah, I'm learning so much here in the field. I miss my teachers and district but we're here to serve! I love mahasarakham already! all the people are so sweet. I love serving them. a few days ago we went to this school where a member is teaching and they got a school show so she invited us! the kids are wayyyyy so cute and they speak english! which is good coz I love talking to them hhahaha! We sang baby shark with them and It reminded me of Drayson and dean!!! so cute! We went giving pass along cards and inviting. Then washed all the dishes!!! hahahaha I love serving though! I missed washing dishes!

But mostly, I liked inviting! In the MTC we didn't invite that much so I was really kinda hesitant to try inviting at first but it was honestly so fun! Yesterday, we went to Ratchapat to invite and we met these 4 awesome girls who are studying law and they loved to meet with us again! and we met this old man who wants to have a book of mormon and we prayed with him. all the people here are great. It's not fun or happy like all the time but Serving Him and just sharing the gospel makes it all worth it! I love Thailand already! another funny thing is that everyone asks me if I'm Khon Thai! hahahaha 

People are so sweet the Mee(s) always calls us LUUG which means child! hahahaha I love it. I have to get rid of KHUN though hahahaha OH BTW!!! My Khon Thai friends from the MTC are from our branch!!! It's so amazing. It's such a small world! hahaha they are amazing!

Yesterday, I was so scared because a dog (super big) jumped on me and licked my shoulder (it's really big) i felt its teeth on my arm and I was wayyyyyyy too scared!!!!! all I can say is glua glua hahahahahaha I feared for my life. but yeah I'm still alive.

Sorry, this weeks email is not like spiritual or something... hahah it's just that, so many things has happened but misionary work is so Fun!!! Love you all!

My challenge for you this week is to serve others in small and simple ways! Choogdi!

Sister Gagarin

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