Well, I guess it's Pday again! 😁

I know it has been only 2 full days but it's Monday again and we're back to our regular Pday schedule! Yay! Well, there's really nothing much to say but I think I have a few stories to tell, hahaha! 

We had an awesome ZONE PDAY AND ZONE CONFERENCE in Ubon! We had some new goals and everyone is excited to "missionary work!"💪🏼 Some goals include: centering aspects of missionary work to Christ, diligently fishing everyday, talking with at least 10 people a day, and most of all, directing investigators/members/recent converts to the temple. Because the temple is the goal... right? ❤

So we left Ubon right after zone conference and got in a bus to Sarakham. Usually, Sister Peterson and I sit with other people in the bus so we can talk to them. I like inviting in the bus because they can't really get away from me especially when you're travelling for 4 hours, hahaha! So I sat with this girl who is wearing a Mahasarakham shirt. And I just realized she has been crying!!! I handed her a tissue and the conversation started. Turns out she has a problem with her แฟน (boyfriend). We started talking about the gospel too which is going pretty well when this bus person checked everyone's tickets and said everyone must seat on their designated/assigned seats. So almost everyone stood and went to the assigned seats. Hahaha! The thing is the bus isn't even halfway full hahaha so I had a plan to go back and seat beside the girl again when the bus person leaves. So I went back! Hahahaha, this bus person can't stop me so we continued the conversation and after about a minute... the bus person approached me and said "I saw you move! I saw you in the camera! Please go back to your seat." (In Thai) Deep inside, in my thoughts, I was like "I'm just trying to share the gospel... and what? This bus has a camera???" haha turns out there were 2 cameras and I think that was his job so I quickly get the girl's contact info and went back to my seat. It was just so funny. The whole bus ride was fun!

These past two days I have also realized more the importance of prophets in our lives. Last night we taught a Christian lady who is so so so devoted to Christ but finds it hard to believe prophets. We taught with the amazing แม่ อ้อย and she did really great! I know that God shows His love for us through His prophets and that prophets receive revelations that will help us in these latter days to prepare to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again. I know that prophets testify of Christ. Jesus Christ lives and directs His own church through revelations received by prophets. We are so fortunate to have a living prophet who helps and guides us. I testify that President Nelson is a living prophet of God and I challenge each one of you to read His talk from last General Conference and let's all ponder and apply it in our daily lives. 

Here's a link! :) lds.org also has some or most of his talks so you can go and check it out too! I love you all! Have a blessed week ahead! It's been raining here in Mahasarakham, btw! 

Sister Gagarin 

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