Maha Sarakham Week 4 & 5

Teaching YSAs a different version of "I Am a Child of God"
Hello, everyone!

I'm still here! yes I wasn't able to email for the past two weeks only because there isn't much time. Last week, we had zone pday and zone conference. and this week, we switched our pday to wednesday because we had appointments last monday (which is reaaaalllyyy important) :) So here I am, emailing in the middle of the week! hahaha!

So much has happened though! Thailand got super excited for the Thailand Bangkok Temple as they have just released THE PHOTO last week which you can see here:

It is so wonderful and seeing the excitement in everyone's eyes... It's just priceless! Last week, we visited this sister at her market stall and shared about the temple because she is planning to go to the HKG temple in April. She is one of the strongest members in the branch and is very hardworking! She sells vegetables and lives in a shack but she's trying her best to save money for flight fares and to be able to go to the temple! She cried as we're sharing about the temple because she loves her family so much. Her husband is an LA and all she wants is for them to go to the temple together. I just love her so much. She has so much faith and you can really feel genuine love from her. She might not be able to go to Hongkong temple because it is so expensive. That's why this temple in Thailand means everything to them/us. 

For Zone pday, we had so much activities! one is the Photo Scavenger hunt where we just went around Roi et town to find stuff the leaders listed. Our group lost, but it was fun! we didn't get the prize (Swensen's Cake) but we enjoyed. hahaha!

In the evening, we had training with the Sister Training Leaders and Zone leaders and we talked about Finding with Faith. Finding here in Thailand is just different. They've no idea who Jesus Christ is. Some only know that He's nailed to the cross. But they are amazing! people here are amazing. Everyday, I'm trying my best to just talk with people and share the message of the gospel! I know that Finding with the Spirit will guide me to the people who are prepared by the Lord and those that are willing to willing accept and learn from the gospel. So, for the past days, we've been trying to invite in Song Taos (vehicle for commuting) and I met this awesome girl studying at ม. ไหม่ (Mahasarakham University).

First good thing: she speaks in English! 
2nd: When I added her on facebook, she was friends with Hennah (someone we also met but is now in Indonesia)
3rd: She knows the member who worked as our translator last zone conference
4th: She's supposed to bring her friend to one of our lessons (and it turned out that her friend is an investigator from the elders too!
5th:  She wants to read the Book of Mormon because she wants to know if it's true

She is just amazing. We are going to meet her again next week and I'm looking forward to it. We asked her if she believes in God and she said now it's 50/50! which is not bad and we we'll continually pray for her. She is just so prepared!

For zone Conference, I recited the missionary purpose in Thai. Shoutout to my mtc teachers I thank them for making us recite it everyday :) 

I love Zone Conference!!! All the trainings and insights from President and Sister Johnson and the missionaries help a lot. Everyone is now pumped to achieve the mission goal! Also, President Johnson talked about the purpose of the key indicators and how important it is to conversion. I was just so enlightened and understood it more now. we have mission goals. There's a particular number. but for every number is a person behind it. Also We talked about Obedience and Personal Worthiness.  :) We are now a Facebook using mission and we have to be careful and aware of what we do online. (Please don't message me on facebook)

We use it to proselyte and strengthen members. Anyway, We have to be aware of the safeguards in using our mobile devices to be able to be more in-tuned with the spirit and be more focused on our purpose as servants of the Lord. I think this doesn't just apply to us. It applies to everyone. What we browse online defines who we are. :)

Importance of the Book of Mormon: My experiences in giving Book of Mormon to people here help me realize and understand MORE about its importance in our lives - especially when we read it with faith and diligence and then apply it into our everyday lives. I've come to know more about the Savior and how to be more like Him. BOM provides a happier and better life. When we'll seek it and apply it in our lives, we will know that we can be with Heavenly Father someday. and for sure, that's the life that We all want. :) Currently, I'm reading 2 Book of Mormons :) 

SO, my challenge for you is to think of something that you want (happiness, peace, knowledgem etc basically anything ) and chat with a representative at 

or if you have questions about the gospel too! TRY IT! :)

I love you all, This has been a very long email! Everyday just gets hotter and hotter here in Thailand. I cant believe it's almost the end of this transfer! For sure, I want to stay in Mahasarakham!!!! I don't want to leave yet! hahaha next week, I'll let you all know! 

With love,

ซิสเตอร์ กาการิน

Sister Gagarin


When it comes to biking... I can now bike without my hands!!! (for like maybe 20 seconds) Okay sorry fam, I promise I wont do it again! hehehe #SAFETYFIRST

Family Home Evening
Biggest/longest centipede I've ever seen!!!

Roi et and Ubon Sisters

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