The Linguist and a Baptism

Aloha!!! Had such a great week! 💃🏻

The week started off with a weather that's gloomy and rainy (HELLO typhoon). But not us! Just the weather 😁 we always have plastic bags if ever it rains to protect the blue book: Book of Mormon! 💙

This week we visited พ่อ ไพบูลย์ (Phaibun) and his wife, our investigators. I'm not sure but พ่อ is half blind but he's really so เก่ง! He is a linguist. And at first, it was so so so hard to communicate with Him because he wants us to read his poems (Thai and English) and analyzes our words. He's so good at English too as he lived in America before. When we speak in Thai, he corrects our pronunciation or tones! He just wants to analyze the underlying meaning of everything. It was kinda frustrating and funny because it reminds me of college days! Well, anyway, we told Him that God speaks very simply and understands each and everyone of us. Also, as we open up our hearts to the Holy Ghost, we will know what God wants us to do. :) The past lessons have been great too. He started making poems about God so that was a progress! 😁 we challenged him to write a poem about his first Sunday church service experience so we're really looking forward to that. Btw, he's like 80 yrs old but still looks healthy!

Yesterday... We had a Baptism! พิกุล is amazing and I'm so so so happy her kids were able to witness it. When she shared her testimony after her Baptism, it was simple but heartfelt. She told us about believing in Christ since she was a kid and that going to church and being baptized makes her feel that she's come home. That she's finally home. And she is! She's one step closer to our Father in Heaven and I'm more than grateful I was with her, as an instrument too, to help her take that one step! She is so prepared. 

We are currently teaching her kids and hopefully they'll follow the example of their mom too. When we asked them about Baptism, they said they can't swim so we had to clarify that hahhaha they are the cutest! So so so glad they saw their mom get baptized. 

I love Mahasarakham and the members here in our branch. Some members are telling me I'll probably stay another transfer here. Already Spent half of the year here but I'm down for another transfer! hahaha it really doesn't m
matter though. 😊 Yesterday, most of the women in the church wore Thai skirts to support Phikun. 

Well, I think that's it for this week! I hope you had a great week. Let's challenge ourselves to be happier this week! Because happiness is a choice, right? 

Sister Gagarin

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