Guess who's in ศรีสะเกษ(Srisaket)? 🚲

ME 💛

This area is near Cambodia but still in Isan 💚 I love It here! Also, It was so hard leaving Mahasarakham. It was so hard. Last Tuesday, we got a call from President Hammond that Sister Peterson is going to be a Sister Training Leader in Bangkok. So I thought I was staying for my 5th transfer. I am so down for 5 transfers because there's so much work to do in Mahasarakham and I love it there so much!!! But then our district leader called and said I'm gonna move to Srisaket. I was so shocked. They're closing the area for sisters. So I was really sad. The whole Wednesday was about cleaning our house, packing, talking with our families, transferring investigators' profiles to the elders and letting everyone know we're leaving. I was there for almost 6 months. It was my greenie area and my home for a while. But I guess it's time to move! The members in Mahasarakham are so sweet and I love them so much. Almost half the branch went to the bus station to send us off. Sweet cries and sweet goodbyes! They are so amazing. It would be weird not to have sisters in Mahasarakham but it's okay. There are fewer sister missionaries in our mission right now so some areas are closing down for sisters. They need to reopen some areas they closed last time too. I know that all of these has purpose and will actually help members over there too to help the branch more and to strengthen each other too...

So we had to go down to Bangkok last Wednesday. Arrived there in Thursday... met our new companions and went back to our areas. So, I'm now companions with Sister Munro. She's from Australia and she is so Funny! 555 I'm so so so excited for this transfer! Met the members of the ward here already and they are so awesome. Every Saturday, the members and missionaries have switch offs. It's amazing how hard they work with missionaries here. The ward is awesome. 

This is my first time to be transferred and it was so weird. I can't even explain it. Hehehe I was so stressed, anxious, scared, and excited for it. For CHANGE. I think some of you may feel the same about "Change". 

But all is good now! Once we arrived and got to work here in Sisaket, I've realized that change is so good!!! It's time to grow and learn new and amazing things. I am way excited for this change. You know what? CHANGE is the only thing that doesn't change. I don't know if that makes sense but apparently, it's true. 

So let's be ready for Change! Because it will always come and bring a different order into our lives that would bless us and our families - Also the lives of other people. That's the challenge. 💚

I love you all!

Sister Gagarin
ซิสเตอร์กาการิน 🚲


1. Biking
2. Switch off with a member! And yeah it rained so hard we were so drenched
3. Found 5 puppies on the road
4. Busy Bangkok last Thursday 

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