Be In tuned

Hello, everyone! 

Time has been super fast and I can't believe that I'm now on to my 6th transfer! Yesterday was the first time that I felt a little sick ไม่สบาย - like all throughout the day I felt like throwing up and a little nauseous... and then at night I felt better. At around 9pm, President Hammond called and told me I'm gonna train a new missionary! And I felt sick again... Hahaha just kidding!

So that's really exciting! Also a little nervewracking so let's see... I'm gonna be a mom in the mission แล้ว yaaaaay #responsibilities 

One thing that I have learned from the past weeks is that we have to follow the safeguards in using our devices. We are a facebook-using mission and we have to be more careful on what we do online. As a servant and representative of the Lord, we should always strive to be in tuned with the spiritual promptings of the spirit :) 

SO my challenge for us is to always strive to be in tuned with the spirit! There are so many things online that may give us unclean thoughts... let us be more aware of our thoughts. ❤

My next Pday is in Monday นะ.
Also, my brother leaves for a mission too... this week!!!!!!!! I'm so ดีใจ and I'm gonna miss him so much!!!!

Sister Gagarin

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