Happy New Year! :)

Hello, Everyone!


I know, I know. I haven't long emailed in quite a while but everything is great here in Sisaket! I can't believe it's 2019 already. 🤔 I left for this mission in 2017 and it has been so sweet!

The past month is full of miracles too! I am now with Sister Phiengsmai. She's Laotian, my first ever Asian companion. Love her!
 We have been working really hard for the past month and I am so excited for our investigators to be baptized these coming Sundays. 

I've been here in Isan, Southeastern part of Thailand, for almost a year now and I feel like it was just last week when I first stepped here in TH. SO FAST. I think I only have about 6 months left.

Keeping this email really short. You can message me and we can talk! LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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