Sleeping trains are Life Savers

Hello, everyone! Such a great week☺️ kind of long but was super awesome! 💚

Last Monday, I made Leche Flan(Filipino dessert) and everyone loved it hahaha The caramel was kind of hard though hahaha made it for some of our RCs.
We also got to visit the family of ต้นเตย​ and received the permission for her to be baptized!
It was so awesome. We went with 4 other RS members. The car ride was super fun! Imagine 4 TITAs in a car ride? They are just laughing together because we were lost on the way back from ต้นเตย's neighborhood.

Last week, was a lot of traveling. We went down to Bangkok Wednesday night and then worked on Sister Phiengsmai's VISA Thursday morning. Our sleeping train back To SISAKET was Thursday night so we arrived home last Friday. 555 it was great! we met an investigator in BKK so we referred him to the Asoke Elders. Friday was OK. I was mostly sick because of headache but we still worked and visited our cute investigator old couple ❤️ at night we had dinner appointment with แม่​สุ​พิศ​and grilled fish and chicken with her.
On Saturday, we took a train to Korat for interviews with President . It was a 5 hour ride. When we got there, we called a tuktuk. Halfway through the ride, the Zone Leaders called us and told us President wouldn't be able to make it hahaha so we went to the bus station and took a bus back to Sisaket. After about an hour in the bus the Zone Leaders called again and told us to go back to Korat hahahaha so we got off the bus in the middle of nowhere and hailed a bus back. We arrived at like 8pm. Had to rest. I got interviewed at around 12am. Interviews finished at 1:45am and we were so lucky to take the sleeping train back To Korat. We arrived at 6am. Slept for a bit and then went to church.

SUNDAY: we had a baptism! She is the sweetest person ever! She is just so excited. She shared her testimony and thanked the people who introduced her to the church. She lives far from the church but she really wants to learn with us and come to church every Sunday. Sometimes, she help us teach too!
She's awesome! Last Tuesday, we followed up with her and instead of us sharing a scripture verse, she's the one who shared to us!
Hahaha also, I was about to give her her own journal but she said she already started it. So แก่ง​♥️

Sunday afternoon was kind of painful, I had a massive headache and I just had to sleep. It didn't really help so I called the mission nurse and asked me to take certain meds. Monday morning, it was gone so that's great.

I probably would stay here in Sisaket for another transfer! That's what President told me hahaha well we're not sure. The past transfer was really great. It was fun being with Sister Phiengsmai. 😉

Random stuff that happened this week:
• First time eating Kiwi fruit hahaha it's actually good. Had a kiwi juice befire though hahaha
• It was fun asking everyone what their national stuff were(like animal, fruit, tree) because we have it in the Philippines. Turned out some countries don't have it
• Some people really think I'm half Indian, Arabian or Mexican

This Saturday, we'll have another baptism . her name is แอน. I'LL tell you more about her next week!

Yesterday, we met with one of our investigators and she is telling us about how weak she feels right now. Weak Inside - she feels like there's just no hope for her and how others just really really triggers her. We shared with her a verse from Ether 12 and it says

27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them

I truly know that we all have weaknesses and no matter our weaknesses are, we can find our inner strength from our faith in the Lord. We can have full faith and depend on God so we can be able to overcome trials and challenges in our lives. It might be easier said than done but it's proven and tested. 👌❤️ With all my heart, I know that God loves us so much and he can make the "weak things become strong" and through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, we will be able to overcome these weaknesses.

I love you all!
My challenge for us this week is to recognize our weakness and turn in faith to the Lord that we might improve in those areas.



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