Northern Thailand ❤️

สวัสดี​ค่ะ​ everyone!

It has been such a great and productive week! But before anything else, let me just say that we can now call our families every Pday! Videocall too!!!
Isn't that weird??? It is! But also, it is so exciting❤❤❤️ I believe that every revelation has its purpose and I have a feeling this would be a blessing to every missionary and our families too. With that being said, I know my parents are thrilled to videocall or voicecall me because um.. I know they miss me so much!!! Their most beautiful daughter 😂😂😂 hahaha *brothers roll their eyes* yeah so that announcement for us just changed the whole game!

This week, we weren't really in our area that much. We left Tuesday night to go to Chiang Mai(north of Thailand) for switch offs. The travel wasn't that bad. 555 Chiang Mai is so beautiful, btw. Truly a tourist area. At one point, I thought I was in another country because there's a ton of tourists. Aaah! I missed biking a lot. We just biked the whole day and visited the STL's investigators. They have a lot! 555 but yeah their area was way inspiring and I can envision Rangsit to be like that too. Haha #werk I was with Sister Haycock for a day and she is just so awesome! I like how she is so ตรง​ or bold. Bold with love. In that way, your investies are not เฉยๆ​ but they are solid and they know our purpose 💪🏼
Also, had the chance to eat the famous Northern food ข้าวซอย. I don't really know how to spell it lol but it was way good. It's still Chilly up north too. Got back Last Thursday and worked ต่อไป.

If there's a miracle this week, that would be... Clarin. She's our best investigator right now. Met her last Monday and taught her the Restoration. She had way awesome questions and it's just super พอดี​ or perfect with the lesson. She is SO prepared. We called her Wednesday night to follow up on Prayer and after a while, she asked us what baptism is *over the phone * and we explained it to her even though we are in a bus. Gave her a date right at that moment too. She is awesome. She also came to church yesterday which is so AWESOMMEEEE. She wanted to stay so we were able to teach her with some members too. ❤

Our stake president came to visit our ward yesterday and talk with us missionaries too. So... There's another challenge for us. Hahaha we need to have 150 members at church! Haha so we're going to plan about that this week.

Living the work here... All is well! Thanks for your prayers. I don't really have a challenge for this week so just stay awesome, everyone! Love ya!

Sister G

A member/ mission mom sent me some stuff!!! So good

Went to. Chiang MAI 

Zone Conference

Our neighborhood

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