41°C TBM is so fire


อาทิตย์​นี้​ This week went very fast. This transfer is just going really fast aaaaaaah! I can finally say I kind of figured out how to get to places here in ปทุมธานี​ or here in our area. We still use taxis a lot but I feel like I'm more familiar now. We usually Taxis mostly because we don't want to be late to our appointments but using public transpo is really great to be able to talk with more people. This week, about three taxi drivers were interested in our message. One of them agreed to meet with us. We're visiting him and his family on Wednesday morning which is really great❣️

Alright, I'll try to remember this week. Last Monday, ซิสเตอร์​โรส, a member here in Rangsit went to Ayutthaya with us. It's like Thailand's Ancient City with cool and super old temples. It was super cool. So many tourists too. Sister Rose is so good at taking our photos and literally wanted us to take photos at every angle haha it was so funny she's 60 but is super duper fun to be with. She drove us there so we had a long time to get to know each other! 😅 Love her! It was less tiring and more fun. ❤❤❤

For Tuesday, we split English class into 3 classes. That meant me and sister Lor had to teach a class by ourselves. It's been a while. So in Rangsit, we have 3 sets of missionaries haha us sisters usually just assist which is more สบาย​ 😅 but then Last week we had to teach. It's way fun. I miss it! We thought it was a great idea to split classes so we can focus more on the needs of the students. There are more students in our English classes now and that's because of the new Facebook advertisement that they put up which is wayyyyyyy helpful because we don't use English cards anymore. People can just  ง่ายๆ​ see the advertisement and get some free vouchers or something to bring to English class and bammm they can เรียน​ or learn free English with us! We actually have a new program which stretches to about 12 weeks. Then, they can get a completion certificate after that. Our students are very diversed too. A lot are from Cambodia, Vietnam, and of course, mostly Thai ppl. Love them!

Also... คลาริน​ passed her Baptismal interview! Yay💕 that means she's getting baptized on the 6th of next month! So excited for her because she's way ready and prepared. แม่​ นุช​ is getting interviewed on Wednesday too. That's exciting! Aaah I love these people and I'm so lucky and blessed for the opportunity to teach and share with them.

Something weird and awesome that's happened this week is that A LOT of people think I'm from the Philippines 🇵🇭 when they first saw me. That is quite rare so I'm just so happy that people are starting to see me for who I really am.... Haha just kidding! It's just really surprising though like it's really hard to tell. Usually, people think I'm from the South like I do or Malay,sometimes Cambodian or Vietnamese. They said it's because my face is round lol. Most ppl think I'm Indian too because of my eyes and nose. So you can't really tell. Honestly, I'm just glad to represent Asia. 😅❤️ Or United Nations  ก็ได้​555

It's really a great week. Yesterday, we had our zone conference. Woke up early and headed to Chaengwatthana โบสถ์. Talked about the miracles that we saw for this month's #MiracleMarch and how to keep seeking for miracles. Definitely saw a lot of miracles here in Rangsit. I remember just starting from no people to teach to ค่อย​ๆ​ having some great referrals and progressing people to teach. Not a lot but they are awesome. ❤

Before I go, I just want to tell all of you that we indeed have a Father in Heaven. He loves us and He knows us. He wants us to be like Him so we can be happy with our families too. Most people here do not know that - that The Mighty and Supreme Creator of this universe and this earth that we live in is our Heavenly Father. I know for sure it's essential to have a knowledge and testimony of our Father to be able to know ourselves more and to be able to really progress. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that Heavenly Father sent Him to us that we may feel His love for us and that we may be able to come back in His presence.

So... My challenge for you this week is to PRAY. pray to our Heavenly Father to know if He's really there!!! I know that you will receive an answer because I did. I know that the Holy Ghost will testify in our hearts that He is really there. And that is one of the most basic things that we can hold on to to see miracles, to overcome challenges in this world, and to know who we are. Aaaaah! Love you all! And if you have time, you can read this talk too!

Knowing the Godhead

P. S. 41°C this week. 🔥😅❤


Ayutthaya with Sister Rose!
With sister Lor
Eating Quail birds... Sarap

Rangist Referralssss


How are y'all? This week has been fast. Let's just say I'm tired every day which is good 😅 We've seen so many miracles here in รังสิต​ Rangsit - found new people to teach and got some awesome referrals! ✋

Fun week of inviting. Last Monday night, we planned to invite at ตลาด​ Jumbo where there's a lot of food stands and people too. We went earlier so then there would be less people and they would actually have some time to talk with us too. My companion asked me " So, how do you do this? How do we invite? Where are we going to start?" The thing is... I don't really know. I always don't know how to start inviting or WHO is prepared to accept the gospel. 😅 BUT something that I learned is to just talk with everyone. So I told her to just start talking with someone and then pointed to this lady who is sitting alone at the ตลาด.​ Turned out that lady was interested and one more thing is that she is actually not alone but is with her daughter and 2 grandkids. We were able to share about prayer with them and prayed with the daughter too. Right there and then. It was an awesome miracle. Who would have thought? We're going to meet them this week again!

Also got some solid referrals this week. Visited one of them last Saturday. Her name is แอฟ. She was first interested in the Bible so we shared about restoration and read verses from the Bible and Book of Mormon. Also downloaded the gospel library on her phone so she can read anytime and anywhere 📱❤

Last Saturday, we went to this stake Relief Society Activity with our investigator mom. She is really awesome. She wore Thai skirt too and participated. Even though she started working at like 3am, she still went to the activity. I love her. She is doing her best to quit coffee right now. Of all the things from this mission, this one is one of my favorites - to see people try, to see them try to change their lives. And that's because they want to follow God's commandments.

If there's another miracle I can share, that'll be Losing Weight. Hahaha I lost weight! Maybe like 3 kgs which is awesomeeeee anyway... Been running everyday so that's fun.

I just love this week. I feel like it's fast and slow. Love it💕

Have a great week ahead! 💖💖💖



Hello, everyone!

A new transfer again🙏🏻 So blessed because I'm staying in Rangsit. My Companion is leaving and is getting a follow up trainer. She's been really sick here in the city so the province will probably be the best for her health right now. It's been a great Transfer with her. 💖

Last Tuesday, I got a call from President and told me I'm training again! Waaaah! Now I'm companions with sister Lor. She's from Wisconsin! She's Hmong and is super cute!!! We had a great week. She is way good! She speaks and reads very well too. Aaaaah! Love her and I'm so excited for this transfer. We are helping two awesome ladies for baptism this transfer and I'm so excited for that.

I don't really have that much to say right now but if you email or Facebook message me today until 6pm TH time, I can definitely reply! Love y'all. ♥️♥️♥️