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How are y'all? This week has been fast. Let's just say I'm tired every day which is good 😅 We've seen so many miracles here in รังสิต​ Rangsit - found new people to teach and got some awesome referrals! ✋

Fun week of inviting. Last Monday night, we planned to invite at ตลาด​ Jumbo where there's a lot of food stands and people too. We went earlier so then there would be less people and they would actually have some time to talk with us too. My companion asked me " So, how do you do this? How do we invite? Where are we going to start?" The thing is... I don't really know. I always don't know how to start inviting or WHO is prepared to accept the gospel. 😅 BUT something that I learned is to just talk with everyone. So I told her to just start talking with someone and then pointed to this lady who is sitting alone at the ตลาด.​ Turned out that lady was interested and one more thing is that she is actually not alone but is with her daughter and 2 grandkids. We were able to share about prayer with them and prayed with the daughter too. Right there and then. It was an awesome miracle. Who would have thought? We're going to meet them this week again!

Also got some solid referrals this week. Visited one of them last Saturday. Her name is แอฟ. She was first interested in the Bible so we shared about restoration and read verses from the Bible and Book of Mormon. Also downloaded the gospel library on her phone so she can read anytime and anywhere 📱❤

Last Saturday, we went to this stake Relief Society Activity with our investigator mom. She is really awesome. She wore Thai skirt too and participated. Even though she started working at like 3am, she still went to the activity. I love her. She is doing her best to quit coffee right now. Of all the things from this mission, this one is one of my favorites - to see people try, to see them try to change their lives. And that's because they want to follow God's commandments.

If there's another miracle I can share, that'll be Losing Weight. Hahaha I lost weight! Maybe like 3 kgs which is awesomeeeee anyway... Been running everyday so that's fun.

I just love this week. I feel like it's fast and slow. Love it💕

Have a great week ahead! 💖💖💖


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