Last Transfer

Hi everyone!

Long week!!!

Okrey... So Monday was about Dialogue in the dark! It was such an eye opener to me! We went to an hour long exhibition to experience how to live blindly. We were put into a dark room and passed through different settings with a blind guy guiding us. He was so good. It was way hard but the guide was experienced. Learned a lot from him and the experience.

We switched off in Thonburi last Wednesday and I just looooove their area so much. It's like a perfect mix of rural and Urban. Glad to have helped and learned from their area. It was our last companion exchange this transfer. Switch offs with sisters are always fun! We get to learn from these amazing sisters and they help us in our area too.

Last Friday was SO BUSY. It was so crazyyyyy! We had a baptism so we had to prepare for that. Also, needed to do some bookmarks and stuff for Sister Hammond so we were just running around doing some errands for everyone and also trying to talk with 60 ppl that day. It went well. Linda's testimony at her baptism was great. 2 of our investigators were there too.

Saturday was the best!!!!

We had sisters Conference with all the sisters in our mission! =) Everyone looked so pretty. All the Sister Training Leaders were given parts and topics to talk about and we mainly discussed on obedience, comparisons, stress, companions, and our purpose. 💙

I shared about obedience and we got to learn more about why we're here serving and why it's important to be obedient. I know it is because of LOVEEE. We're all here because of love and we want to obey the Lord because we love Him! Sometimes there are some mission rules that we don't understand fully but they're all there to protect us. The reason why we're asked to be exactly obedient is because we need to feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost- for us to know what's right and wrong, for us to receive revelation for our investigators and members, and for us to teach more effectively. We won't be able to do these things without the Holy Ghost. I mean we can baptize every week while being disobedient or be exactly obedient and not baptize at all. But the latter gives you more peace and success because you are following the Lord. It was a nice experience learning from the sisters too. They are wayyyy good and I'm soooo happy I'm serving with them. 💙We all got waffles for Lunch at the Mission Home then we all walked to the Church for the mission conference with Elder Ballard

Pres. Ballard shook all our hands. He still looks younger than his age! I can't believe we get to have this experience before we จบ​ our missions. He came with Elder Homer, elder Tai, and Elder Gay. 💐 And guess what they all talked about??? TEMPLE!!!! We're having a temple here in 30 months!!!! 💙💚❤️ So mostly, we talked about the members too. Working more with members, teaching them, strengthening them and Finding the Less Active Ones. Also, Finding people through members. I'm so excited to work on that more. If there's something I would like to reaaaaaally work on before I go home, it's finding a family. Or working with families. Our families NEED the temple. We want to be together forever, right? So TEMPLE is the GOAL. Baptism is important but TEMPLE is the GOAL. Convertion leads to the temple.

So I'm so excited for this transfer. Last transfer! Let's go find families and work with members more. 🙏🏻❤

I'll write y'all next time. Need to gooooo. Bye!



Sisters conference
Teaching with Elder and Sister SaengSuwan
Filipinos in Thailand
Dialogue IN the dark
Family Home evening at our Mission President's House
Finding LAs

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