Hello everyone!

Wasn't able to email last week but hey, I'm still here!

It was a really great week! BYU Vocal Point was in Thailand and had a benefit concert and devotional which we were all able to attend to. (brought our Rcs and Investigators with us) The concert last Friday was so fun. It was kind of weird to be there after a year and a half of being a missionary Haha their devotional yesterday plus their testimonies were spirit-filled and so inspiring!  I just love their voices

Aside from that, there were so many miracles in the MRT hahaha

First, we talked with this Cambodian lady and invited her to church. She was so surprised that we talked with her because she said nobody does that in the station (not true haha) and she's been here in Thailand for a long time already but no one has invited her to church EVER. (she was looking for one) she came to church and stayed for the vocal point devotional which she LOVED. 

Second. Yesterday morning, before going to church, we decided to pick up an old Less active member for the church. On the way there, we used the MRT. We talked with this lady and she was offering me her seat Haha (she probably thought I'm old? Haha just kidding) she was awesome! Asked her where she's going and she said she's going to a church!!!! It took some time to convince her to come with us instead because we have a special meeting and vocal point is coming!!! Hahaha she came with us. We picked up the La together and went to church. Well, first time something like that has happened in my mission!!!! Miracles! We're meeting her again. 

We had several people at church including this little family from English class. One of my favorite Sundays. 

Well, that's probably what I have this week! During the VP devotional, I learned that ALL of us can be Windows to His love. Windows to God's love. We can all help people feel His love. Through the gospel of Christ, our hearts can be changed and we can all improve. Love you all!

Sister Gagarin 💕

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