From TH 🇹🇭 to PH 🇵🇭

Hi, everyone! 

Guess what? It's me, Sister Gagarin Jasmine! 555 I've been home for about two weeks now and it's been fun. There hasn't been a day in the past two weeks that I have not missed Thailand or the mission. Before, it was hard to think of myself not being in Thailand - not wearing my badge and not being with another sister as my companion 24/7. My last Sunday in the mission was awesome and I felt like everything was right. I was excited to go home and be with my family! I know that I gave my best effort and I was so grateful for all the help the Lord has given me in this work.

Thailand Bangkok Mission

Who would've thought that 18 months would be that fast? This week was a lot of work! ต้องทำให้มากตลอด I'll say it's so ดีมากๆ it's such a good week and a great way to end a transfer and to end a full time mission! I am so happy and excited and also, kind of sad to leave Thailand tomorrow. 

The past 2 weeks have been sooo wonderful. I am just genuinely so happy about the work and for all the people we are teaching. They are amazing and it would be hard to leave them but I know that the Lord's work will continue and His trusted servants would help the people of Thailand ต่อไป. I'm blessed for this opportunity โอกาส to serve them too!