18 months and Beyond!!!


Yesss! It felt really fast. Our week was so packed and I just want to say I missed my companion a lot! 555 After Tuesday, we were with other sisters because of Switchoffs! We only planned to switch off/exchange companions for Thursday and Saturday but was asked to kind of "surprise switch off" with some sisters. 

My companion just did her Visa work in the morning and switched off that day too and is so down to travel at night. 

Wednesday was my last zone conference! It was so good. I just learned a whole lot about working with members and the ward council, and also just reaching out to less actives. We gave some training on ways to reach out to our brothers and sisters! The assistants taught us how to give more specific commitments which are really helpful to help people progress and help them prepare for the temple too! 

Also, I gave my จบing/dying testimony and it felt really weird. I loved hearing dying testimonies and now that I came to the point where I had to give mine... it just hit me and I just really felt that the full time mission is about to end. Everything felt so fast. It was so good°°°  I always believed that there are 2 kinds of missionaries. Those who served in the Thailand Bangkok Mission and those who wished they served in the Thailand Bangkok Mission. 555 I'm just kidding. But I truly know that God has called me to His work and I'm glad I went when I did. 

Also... So glad that everyone loved the food that we planned for in zone conference! We had burgers, chips, fruits, and rented an ice cream stand(from a seller that we loved talking with)! Sister Hammond loved the burger sauce so much.

We switched off a lot this week. Thus, learning so much from the missionaries  this week I was with Sister Gabelo, the Filipina International Sister. It was so fun being with her. She's so fire and just a master inviter Haha she isn't afraid of anyone and always shares about Christ!!! 
I was also with Sister Vang. I enjoyed teaching with her because she always teaches by the Spirit. I cant believe she's just on her 3 week in the country. Crazy! And Saturday, I was with Sister Shipp!!!!! Aaaah I Love her! She's the first missionary I trained and so so great! I'm so proud of her and it was a great day La Finding and teaching with her. She loves everyone and smiles a lot too. Like me... Haha jk 

Last Sunday, I gave a talk at Sacrament. I remember giving a talk when I was on my first transfer and it is way different for sure Haha. Funny how I almost left my talk in our house Haha remembered it when we were already outside the building so we just went back and got it... My talk was about becoming more like Christ. Definitely learned a ton while studying for that. In 3 Nephi 27:27, the invitation to become like Him is to follow Him and His example. It is to apply correct principles in our lives. I'm so grateful for my Savior and His example. I dont think anyone could have real hope in this life without the Savior. 

One miracle that has happened this week is meeting แม่ ต๋อง in our building elevator. She is so awesome and so grateful that we said Hi to her last saturday. She came to church with us yesterday and she was fellowshipped by the members! We didn't have to worry about her hahaha so great and she loved it too. She wants to bring something for the potluck next Sunday. Love her!!!

This morning was so fun! I miss playing sports with my brothers. Haha 
We played frisbee with the Elders, Jared, and President Hammond too. He is way เก่ง!!! 
Also finally made time to call my RCs. I love them so much and I was tearing up while calling them because they are the bessssst and their love is so genuine. I called แม่ เข็ก/keg(she's the wife of our linguist investigator before. She was baptized 9 months after we found her in Mahasarakham. Paybun the linguist is not baptized yet but I was able to talk with him and read to him TO MY BLINDNESS, the poem he wrote to us when we were there. He is blind now. I love him and his wife and I'm so happy that they still remember me. I committed him to go to church with keg on Sunday and he said yes. We prayed together too. It was a very cool experience to talk with them after a year. He still remembers how to pray but doesn't do them. Giving him the commitment to do that even though I am not serving there makes me realize that we can all give commitments to help people come into Him. I love this work. This work inspired me to love people more and to see everyone's worth. They will always have a special place in my heaaaaart 

Yeah so I'm not reading this email back to check if I mistyped anything coz I'm feeling lazy. I love you all! Challenge for this week: stay safe! It's been raining hard. see you in two


Been making a lot of food this week haha I'm so full

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