Hello, everyone!

Yeah so my emails were a bit MIA for a month but hey I'm back! so many miracles the past month and I don't know how to give a run down of what has happened.

NOVEMBER 4 - was an extra special Sunday for our ward. We had 209 people at church, of which 80 are investigators/non-members, who were able to witness a baptism and a baby blessing! so awesome! the members are so fire and so diligent in inviting their friends to church. In the sacrament meeting, Every one watched Finding Faith in Christ and Elder Todd and I were asked to share a testimony. i was way nervous and excited but also, was grateful to be given that opportunity. Our investigators came too! (some for their first time) One of the best Sundays ever!

Drying Rice - Yep. This month is full of service opportunities. It's HARVEST season!!! the members are so nice to accept help from us. so nagbibilad ako ng palay dito sa Thailand :) and it is so fun! Dito, kung ano hinarvest nila, yun ang kakainin nila. They choose not to sell it. tomorrow, we'll help a member harvest rice! 

Stake Sportsday - Spent a day in Surin with our ward members! I played teable tennis for our ward. Highlights of it were seeing some of Mahasarakham members and having fun with my Sisaket ward!

Translating at Church _ There's a Filipina member in our church so I have to translate every Sunday . Quite tricky sometimes because I now use 3 languages at church. sometimes I get confused and would use a different langauge with a certain person! hahaha so funny! I need to be better at code switching!

Zone Conference -  learned a ton! So happy that Obedience was emphasized in our last conference. The talk of Elder Callister, "Becoming a more Consecrated Missionary" is just so great and makes me want to work harder and put my fears in the altar of sacrifice. BEST ZONE CONFERENCE!

Sick companion - Sister Shipp had a sinus infection the day after the  conference so we had to stay in all day for her to rest BUT she is so fire that she still got up  and  biked to our appointments. I love that! That day, we were able to find 1 investigator and gave her a date too!

Hair and some Hairbands -  The members are giving me headbands they crocheted. They are so nice! I love them! One of them is an old lady from Ubon who is 93 years old. reminds me so much of my grandma who used to sew  my clothes :) hugged her tight!!! also cut my hair short again last week.

Thanksgiving and วันลอยกระทง Loykhatong Festival - We invited a lot of people for thanksgiving dinner and used it a lot too for inviting! after the dinner we all went to see what the festival is about. 

Miracles, Miracles, Miralces... -  been working so hard to help the people that we are teaching and so grateful that one of them will be baptized on Saturday! She is so prepared and so amazing! She always tells us she knows the church is true because she feels it and she prayed for it. She is so excited for Saturday! and so are we <3

Last Saturday, we invited at the train station and talked with a lot of people. met this lady with lots of bags and tried talking with her but I couldn't understand her (turns out she couldn't speak) so I ค่อยๆ said goodbye and invited more. When we were about to leave she was smiling at me so I went back and tried to talk with her. I pulled out some papers and wrote to her in thai! Talked with her through that and also shared my testimony! She was otw somewhere I'm not familiar with... gave her the map to the church and our phone number! we left for lunch and before we could even eat the food we ordered, a member called us and said we need to go to the church because an investigator is there. we rushed there and the lady we met at the train station was there!!! she was so happy to see and even hugged us! Turns out she really needed some help. She ran way from a mercy house in korat (4 hours away from Sisaket) to celebrate Loy Khatong with someone she met in the internet but they founf out she couldnt speak so she had to travel alone. she basically doesn't know where to go. we went to the police station with the members and sort of testify that we saw her... The important thing is they are f\going to take care of her and send her back to Korat too. She really needed help and I know Heavenly Father wanted us to help her. Im grateful we went back and talked with her again.

The past few weeks have been so great. I'll say it's one of the most challenging months for me but It's a month where I also learned the most. I'm so grateful for th
is call to serve - It doesn't matter where or what calling we are called to. The important thing is we help others come closer to Christ and also... PERSONALLY grow closer to Him.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! by the way... What are you grateful for? My challenge for everyone is to share something you're grateful for with another person and help brighten his/her day!

Keep being a blessing to others. xoxo

Love you all!

Sister Gagarin

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