Here's What You Can Do to Make Your Quarantine Life More Productive

I would never have imagined that 2020 would look like this. What could possibly be the "better or worse" that this year would bring? The fear of health and safety, canceled plans, and future uncertainties have already piled up for most of us. For me, the "better" looked like eating meals together as a family and being able to focus and know myself a little better.

This pandemic has put us into such challenging phases in our own lives and while I don't know every single thing you're going through, I hope that everything works out well. I'm also going through a personal challenge that I am trying to overcome and hopefully, I'll be able to write about it here in my blog.

Despite challenging times, I'm trying to focus on little successes and the "better" that this phase of our lives has taught me. While this disease is taking advantage of everything, I'm also going to take advantage of this time to improve myself. 

Getting A Tesol Course

A couple of months ago, I took this Tesol Course online from International Open Academy and finished it after several weeks. I got an online certificate and would probably get the physical one after a few months. That is really exciting because I've been really wanting to get Tesol certification. I got it with a discount so it wasn't so expensive at all. It's been 4 years since I studied something that's related to my college degree so the experience was really fun and refreshing. There were about 10 modules and exams. It really depends on you if you will take it seriously. As for me, I took my time with it since I also have a full-time job.

I do think that taking an online course at this time is a great way to divert our time to something more productive. Plus, it's additional knowledge and goes directly to our portfolios.

Time Management

If you're already working, make sure that you really want to do this. Because it's easy to just forget the course you've enrolled in. I remember last April, I took a Google course about social media marketing if I remember it right, and just neglected it coz I thought I was already doing so many things. Looking back, I think I would have finished it if I really put my heart into it. It's free, btw! 

For free online courses, you can check Cream Silk Philippines partnered with to offer short courses for free. If you have a lot of free time, it'll be great to get certificates and experiences while in quarantine. 

If you're also working, make sure you manage your time well. As for me, I always keep my planner with me with all my daily checklists. I do have a lot in my daily lists but I make sure I reward myself with an episode of my favorite series, a movie, or food. lol. My DAILY PLANNER has been keeping me sane. I just love to be organized and it's a key for me to be able to do all the necessary stuff that I need to get done within the day.  When I was on the TESOL course, I made sure I study an hour a day without my phone in sight. It makes my life so much better.

Paid Online Courses

Right now, I'm looking for accredited online courses that are really worth taking. Have you heard of Coursera? I think they offer free and paid courses. So, I'm gonna look through that and hopefully get an online course again!

Have you been taking online courses too? How are your experiences? Let me know if you know some sites that offer great courses. Comment down below!


  1. That's great you're using your time to learn new things! I recently got our of hotel room 2 week quarantine in Vietnam and I did an online watercolours course with Domestika. I really enjoyed it actually, and I really can't imagine I would have made the time for myself to sit still and do it if it weren't for quarantine!

  2. This is the perfect time to take advantage of improving yourself. Online courses are a great way to learn while in the comfort of your home.

  3. I think this is the perfect time to learn new things. I started a few new books, and I've also started a few online cooking courses. :)

    Stephanie S

  4. Yes, this the perfect time to work on yourself.

  5. This is such a great time to improve your skills by studying online. I like your motivation.

  6. I have been on a journey of self-improvement for several months now, and it is amazing. Like you, I'm not sure these things would have happened without the lockdown. The lockdown hasn't exactly been fun, but it has certainly thrown me outside of my comfort zone and some amazing things have come from it. I'm very grateful.

  7. Technology has definitely been my friend during this pandemic and staying in (aside from going to work as an "essential employee/RN". I've created an e-magazine, which has been so rewarding and hopefully one day soon, profitable!

  8. There could not have been a better opportunity than now for self development. Online courses have become great hits is what I understand here in India. Mastering Time management is a great idea.

  9. A course is a wonderful way to have something to focus on during these weird times. I actually did enroll in one, but eventually cancelled - right now, there's just too much to do, so I've saving it for later.

  10. Great tips! I enjoyed online courses during quarantine when I was on a break from work, but I struggled with staying consistent. For sure, paying for courses would make me be more consistent!

  11. great tips! i work form home all the time so I am used to this. however lacking of activities elsewhere I try to make myself more productive without much of stress relief


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